Dillon Francis & lovelytheband Change Your Mind Nail Art

Dillon Francis & lovelytheband Change Your Mind Nail Art

Welcome to day 2 of our Digital Dozen Album week posts! Today I've not matched the colors perfectly but played around with the cover art of a song, and lettering on my nails. Ekk yeah that part was scary but lets go see what these are inspired by.

Dillon Francis & lovelytheband Change Your Mind Nail Art

Todays mani is inspired by a fairly new song by Dillon Francis featuring lovelytheband who is my connection to the song as I really enjoy lovelytheband. When I say this collab I was a bit ... Well I wouldn't say shocked, but more of unsure what it would sound like. I mean lovelytheband is pretty mellow/alternative/rock like with real instruments, and Dillon Francis and more DJ, EDM like styled music. Like the main song I know by him is probably Get Low, which is one of my faves to do on Just Dance LOL!  Any way I just was quite intrigued to see what it would sound like. Turns out I like it, its for sure more of a Dillon Francis song rather than a lovely the band but ya know, that ok. Its a fun song.

Now looking at the cover again I do not know why I didn't use more of a mustard background rather than this orange. Ugh, shoulda planned that better. But the polish I DID use is really pretty. Its Stella Chroma's We're Golden. All of the art was freehanded with acrylic paint. I'm actually pretty pleased with the lettering aspect. I actually like that part more than I like the flowers/arm/hand. That bit was quite the fail in my opinion, but hey I tried something new! :) 
Dillon Francis & lovelytheband Change Your Mind Nail Art

Well thats its for now! I hope you are having a FABULOUS day, and I hope you are enjoying more nail art this week. I know I am! I feel like I need to amp up my nail art game. I've been to busy and let it fall behind, like I have also with my book I'm writing but I'm almost on summer break and then I have lotsa fun plans for art, and creativity! Have you heard of this song? What did you think of this interesting pairing of artists!

~25 Sweetpeas

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  1. This base is so pretty matte and I love that shimmer with a glossy finish! Big fan of this mani!


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