Moon Shine Mani April Releases

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Moon Shine Mani Long Time No Sea

Hello there hope you are having a good day. Today I have a new Moon Shine Mani polish to show you + a new other releases. First up the polish, and its a Facebook Group Exclusive. If you are new around here and don't know how that works let me fill you in.

So for a Facebook Group Exclusive Polish you must be in the Moon Shine Mani Facebook Group, which you can find HERE. Then on the release date of a FB Groups Exclusive there will be a code posted in the group that will allow you to get the exclusive.

Moon Shine Mani Long Time No Sea

Long Time No Sea
3 coats

Sea green crelly shimmering with pink to gold aurora shimmer and filled with chameleon flakies shifting violet/red/orange and pink/purple/blue and a soft gold flaky.  

Moon Shine Mani Long Time No Sea

This polish is just lovely, its summer in a bottle in my mind and it just looks fabulous built up in 3 coats. The flakes in it really pop and I just love the colors all together! :)  Really easy to work with formula and its so so worth it!

Moon Shine Mani Long Time No Sea

While the polish is a FB exclusive, something I am wearing on top is not exclusive. Its new and coming out on the 26th and will be available to anyone and Everyone. The Moon Shine Mani Top Coat, and I just love it. The MSM Top coat formula is great, super shiny, and I get a good wear with it from best I can tell. Below is the info for this months new top coat.

Daydream  Let's Go! Quick Dry Top Coat
This months' top coat scent combines sweet apricot with a bright mint for a luscious fragrance reminiscent of a late Spring evening, with additional notes of lemon, bergamot and a hint of musk.  It is named after the song Daydream by The Lovin' Spoonful.

Moon Shine Mani Long Time No Sea

Then in addition to that a new Acetone Additive is out too. Its a very warm scent that reminds me a bit of a candle we burn in the fall/winter. 

Embrace  Soothe Criminal Acetone Additive
This month's scent is one of the most appealing combinations I've mixed.  Combining the sweetness of lemon, pluot, and plum with enchanting rose, cassis and bergamot, and finishing notes of black amber and creamy tonka beans, this scent wraps me up in a soothing beautiful warmth and so I called it Embrace.

So thats a wrap, thats a look at everything releasing this Friday, April 26th. The FB Exclusive will only be available until the 20th of May. The rest should be sticking around.

Also you should know that the Moon Shine Mani shop is now running on lasts. There was an issues with some things and its resulted in limited qualities of select polishes and then others are already sold out, and will not be coming back to my knowledge. So if you are over there you might want to see what else you can snag while you are shopping! :)

~25 Sweetpeas


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