Sweetpeas Pick Vol. 33

Hello there and welcome back to a Sweetpeas Picks blog post! Its been a really long but also a quick messed up week! Ha, but today I'm hoping to get a lot of productive things done, and writing this post is on that mental to do list that I really should have all written out on a piece of paper next to me, but details! LOL! Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend, and week.

1. This week I was on a mission, a mission to find a VERY specific blue nail polish. Weird right, you are probably thinking Sarah don't you have all the blues. Well the answer to that is no. So let me explain... There is a Jeep I see around town often and I just LOVE the blue. Its bold, creamy, and brighter than cobalt, so I decided I needed in a nail polish because well you know! Ha, and turned out nothing in my collection was quite right. So I went to numerous Ultas, Sallys, Indie shops, and watched lotsa swatch videos and still hadn't found what I thought was just right. However, now I think I have found something pretty close, I haven't used it YET but when I do I'll report back, and show you obviously. Its by Morgan Taylor, and its called No Filter Needed! Really excited about it, and crossing my fingers its a match.

2. I love pimento cheese, which is odd because I don't care for the peppers that are in it in anything else but... I love homemade Pimento cheese. So now that I've read THIS recipe for Pimento Cheese pasta salad I want it ASAP in a cute lil glass jar ready for a beach lunch! Printing it RIGHT now!

3. It was a pretty decent music release week, at least 2 songs came out that I have been liking, those are;  Crash My Car By COIN, and Special by Simple Creatures.

4. Did you see the new Moon Shine Mani Beach Please Collection? I am LOVING it! Its beautiful!

5. Do you follow Black Lamb Studio on Instagram, I love her art, and this design specifically! Its so cute, I've never been to Miami, but I want too. Plus I think the way she wrote it, is super cute. I couldn't to that with the name of the city I'm in, ha its WAY too long.

6. I'm so obsessed with art at the moment and WANT to be super creative but I feel like there are just a million other things delaying it though, and not allowing for the creativity to happen if that makes sense.

7. Have you been keeping up with me on Instagram? The color schemes are in full force and I'm having SO much fun with it! :)

8. Guess what, I saw a Shark on Friday. Yep you read that right, but get this. I saw it in the sky! I'm not 100% crazy because my mom saw it too. We were walking along the beach, and I believe it was an Osprey that flew over us, and it was carrying a baby shark! No kidding, this was real!! Totally never imagined thats how I would see a shark at the beach but apparently its a thing! Who knew! Makes for an unbelievable story but I promise this did happen!

Well everyone, I best be off to work on another post and tomorrows new video! :) Tomorrow we are back to a new Nail Art Basics video, and it's a DIY tools one, which is pretty exciting!

Talk to you Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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