Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 34

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello and welcome to a new Sweetpeas Picks! Wow, the blog sure has been busy this past week hasn't it! I feel like I have gotten a lot done in the past few days on here, and on Youtube. So many new polishes, and new videos! Anywhoo lets get to some things I have been enjoying and liking, or want to try.

1. Finally tried How Sweets Eats, Pimento Cheese Pasta Salad and I LOVE it! So so good! If you love Pimento Cheese you will LOVE it! Would make for a great 4th of July Side dish too!

2. Currently really enjoying this art book, which is a change of events for me. I usually stay away from art books as a person who thinks art should just be, rather than be constrained by rules. However I've been liking a few that are a bit more picture driven, and more like things I would pin on Pinterest. This one has pushed me out of my element a bit and I've been enjoying it. Once I catch up on blog things I plan on trying another tutorial from it. Also this book it totally for anyone. You don't have to know anything, or have special tools, just some paper and your choice to drawing tools/coloring tools. :)

3. THESE NAILS are amazing! Like SOOO jaw droppingly amazing. Christina is SO talented. Plus I love sea turtles!

4. I listened to a newer episode of the Zach Sang Show, and it was with Halsey. So good, totally like her and her thought process, it was most interesting to listen too. Its an hour which I love because I can just keep listening to it while I work without having to find something else to listen too. :) I am always either listening to music or watching Youtube while I paint. nightly. :)

5.  I've never watched an "ASMR" video, well besides maybe something I've passed by and stopped on, on Instagram unintentionally. However that has changed, lol! I actually watched one of my fave songs done in ASMR and it was most interesting. Its Easier by 5SOS, and it was just quite interesting.

6. I have been trying to practice art beyond nails a lot more lately, and its been really fun. I can't wait to show you, I have been posting some of my practicing on my Instagram story.

7. I had to scroll back really far in my Instagram today, like pre-blogging days, and it was really neat to see how much its changed, and made me really like it again and made me want to be more diligent about posting on my non nail account. It's like a scrapbook of memories, and makes its nice to reference when looking for dates to references.

8. Ok thoughts on Señorita by Shawn Mendes, and Camilla Cabello?! I really like it which is odd for me but its so good!

Well thats it for today! Hope you all enjoyed these random bits, let me known some things you've been loving lately, or things you have been doing, or really just anything! Lets chat!

Talk to y'all Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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