The Perfect Nail Polish for Traveling

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Smoother Remover 25 Sweetpeas

Hello and welcome back! Hope you are having a wonderful day, today I have a really neat product to show you and chat about. Smoother Remover is what is it called and its the ideal product for traveling. So lets chat about it!

This polish is like a 2 in 1! On one side I had a nail polish, and the other side has a really nice doe foot applicator in nail polish remover. This allows you to paint your nails on the go, and also have a way to clean up any mishaps you may encounter when painting your nails.

Smoother Remover 25 Sweetpeas

First lets talk about the polish part of this! This polish is the shade Aqua Queen, and I love it. its a bright minty color, it covered perfectly in 2 coats. Overall its a really nice polish, and seems to try rather quickly which is great when traveling. There is only one slight issue I had with it, although its not really an issue, its more of a something that makes me nervous. That is the fact when you sit the polish down while you have it open, its so tall. I was really nervous I would knock it over when going back to dip the brush back in. So I feel like you just have to be extra careful, and aware of your movements.

Smoother Remover 25 Sweetpeas

Now on to the remover, I thought it did clean up really well, while also not drying out the skin around my nail which is a plus. Very easy to use, and overall I just enjoyed the fact it was all with me, I didn't have to have a clean up brush or anything. :)

Smoother Remover 25 Sweetpeas

So what do you think of these? Is this a product you would find handy when traveling and wanting to have nail polish with you? They have other colors so you can check out there SHOP and Instagram for more. Let me know what you thought, and I'll see you back here very soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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