Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 38

Heya, its been a bit! Its seemed that Sweetpeas Picks have become an every other weekend thing, but thats probably a good thing! Gives us more to talk about! :) So lets chat! How have you been whats been going on? I've been trying to enjoy as many beach days as possible especially considering we are heading into our more intense tropical weather season. Also have been enjoying listening to lots of different music and creating playlists for different moods, and lining up songs to go together. 

1. Fall collections are coming out?! What ones are you looking forward to the most? I will be posting the China Glaze Fall collection tomorrow thanks you your votes on Instagram. :) The rest of the week is already planned out too to an extent, still have to film one video!

2. I have been overusing this recipe! SOOOO good!

3. So music, ya didn't think I was just not going to talk about music did you? My current obsession song wise is the new 5SOS called Teeth! That links to Spotify, but if you want to go to iTunes you can here

4. Also I really like the new The Band Camino Album tryhard. Right now the stand out tracks are... Farsighted and Break Me! They are really good, but they all are actually!

5. Punch Needle Art is so neat! I found THIS instagram and got into a deep hole! Ended up making a board on Pinterest and pinning all of the things here

6. I should be working on fall content and its been a bit hard to get in that mind set when I just want eternal summer. So today to help and hopefully inspire I created a Fall Feels board here if you also need to be inspired. 

7. Ok, since the rest of the world seems to be obsessed with it shall we all just name off what songs we like from the Lover, Taylor Swift Album? I think mine are; The Man ( you go girl!!!! ) , London Boy, and Paper Rings! 

8. Lizzie McGuire is coming back! With Hillary Duff! Thats pretty cool right?! I loved that Disney show! I remember even having a T-Shirt that had the animated one that narrates! :) The only bad thing is that its on a streaming service. :(

Well the cake I've been waiting on has officially come out of the oven so now I can leave the area and go paint so I best be off to paint! Hoping for some inspiration! Hope you all have a fabulous week and I will talk to you very soon!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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