Hurricane Dorian | How to Help

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Hi there everyone, I wish I was coming here for something more positive but as we all know Hurricane Dorian has already left a major path of destruction, and still has a path that will be affecting many others. As I have done with past Hurricanes I want to create a rolling list of ways you can help. I will also source out credible places, as they continue to become known. In the past I have also shared links to site that share before and after photos. As of right now its a bit too soon for all of that, so I do plan on updating this post later on. If you have any sources that you know of that would be good for me to share please let me know.

1. Wicked Barley Brewing in Jacksonville Florida has posted the follow......

Their Swipe up link will take you to this GoFund Me.

2. Valencia Gunder the CEO and Founder of The Sm;)e Trust has posted the below Images and drop of information for those local to Miami Florida. The link to the Donation site is HERE. Also the site does not specify that this is only for the Bahamas. Right now it says "to help neighbors in need before, during, and after Hurricane Dorian. So this mean this may also become a valid source for all locations impacted after Hurricane Dorian is done. However that is not confirmed.

Updates : September 5th

3. KiArtist is selling a Bahamas print now in her shop, and a portion of the proceeds will be going to the Bahamas. This also applies to purchase of the following prints; St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Puerto Rico, and Miami. She's also sharing a really good list of ways to help if you follow her on Instagram HERE, plus her art is lovely!

4. If you are shopping in any of the following stores you should be able to donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Program while checking out. Store; Winn Dixie, Bi-LO, Fresco y Más, and Harveys Supermarket.

5. If you are in any way trying to get in touch with someone who was in the Bahamas you can check out THIS Instagram and message her. Her recent post also details a trip that someone she know will do taking and doing what they can to help. They are taking a Sea Plane to the Abacos with supplies. Plus there is a GoFundMe to help this trip and supplies.

6. Check local places near you if you want to help. I know in my areas there are many local business taking donations to be shipped off. For example, I've heard a local charter boat in my area will be making their way down to the Bahamas. So look into local resources.

More updates are coming as more info becomes available! Florida made it out really lucky in this storm, but currently the Carolinas aren't as fortunate, and more updates for helping ALL areas affected in Dorian will become available as time allows.


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