Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 39

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello everyone! Welcome to a Sweetpeas Picks Post! Hope you are having a nice weekend. Mine has been consumed with Hurricane Prep. You probably already know but Hurricane Dorian is creating a large path of Destruction in the Bahamas currently, and causing a lot of commotion in the South. Everyone here in the State of Florida has been preparing for Dorian for about a week now, and now the states above us; GA, SC, & NC are doing the same as the path for the storm has changed a bit, and is really ever changing so we are all on high alert.

I think we are all prepped as we can be for now. We aren't expected to feel any affects directly until Tuesday/Wednesday so tomorrow is the last day and when mandatory evacuations go into effect for many in my area. We are in the area everyone gets put into so thats good. :) We may go out to get ice tomorrow, but other than that I think we are in for now. Today I have been prepping some blog posts and videos for the week in case we loose power or internet. So really its been a normal Sunday, just a bit rainy and blah outside. I've always been interested in Tropical weather so I have been paying attention to it very intensely. Dorian is unlike any storm I've watched honestly, and not for the good. I saw THIS tweet this morning, that photo is just amazing. Ok enough storm chat, lets have some fun.

1. Ok Pigeon Letters always has great blog posts, but THIS post keeps making me want to go brush shopping. Digital Art is so convenient some times, and I personally love it. Water color brushes are pretty tricky to perfect, and she's so right, these look amazing! Also this has sent me into a downwards spiral of looking at brushes on Design Cuts. *sigh*

2. I think this is my favorite recipe for Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies EVER. They are so good, they only think I did differently was cut down the cinnamon. I only did 1/8 tsp of the cinnamon and you can still taste it so unless you LOVE LOVE LOVE cinnamon I would personally cut it down, and only bake for the minimum amount of time, and let them rest on the pan for about 6 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. They are SOOO good!

3. I found a new Instagram that I am really enjoying! LOVE finding a new Instagram to follow. :) This one is called The Gladdest Things Shop and her art is so pretty!

4.  Have you heard Post Malones new song, Circles? I really actually like it, not what I expected but its good!

5. One Nail To Rule Them All has super cute art! Love her latest mani right here.

6. These sloth nails are cute!

7. Do you watch any Makeup videos on Youtube? I thought Kathleen Lights new video was great. She compared Eyeshadow Base/Prime to using concealer as a eyeshadow base. I have been team concealer base for a bit, what about you?!

Well I best be off, I think I want to get Wednesdays blog post and video ready early and I think we will have a nail art video! Its been a bit but its a super fun easy design!

Talk to ya Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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