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25 Sweetpeas Iphone Wallpapers

Hello there and welcome to another Sweetpeas Picks! Wow, was this week a week if ya know what I mean. It was one of those weeks that felt like a million in one, and boy am I glad we are done with Hurricane Dorian here. Today though is all about having a fun Sweetpeas Picks post and maybe a fun lil free download at the end! :)

1. I am thinking about doing #Inktober to get me really into a normal drawing habit, but also not sure because in October I tend to already be working on Christmas content so I'm not sure its the best idea.... However still considering it and thinking about this prompt list! Anyone else doing it?

2. Has anyone read The Unhoneymooners? Was it good? Was it a fun lil escape from life? 

3. This fall print is 100% me!

4.  Really have been enjoying THIS Instagram. Her art it lovely, the quotes are great, just a great and inspiring account to follow!

5. This Pinã Colada Cake sounds amazing. I want to make it right now! However we have someone who is dairy free with us right now so I don't think I can. Soon as I can though!

6.  While we are talking about food, this cookbook sounds really good! I've already made her Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies multiple times so....

Now for something different I have decided to do is share 3 free wallpapers for download! They are color schemed off of fall colors. So lets look at them. Below each is a link that will take you to the download.

Hope you like the fall themed wallpapers! I was enjoying simple when making these so I hope they aren't too boring. :) We shall have more exciting ones in the future! If you have any requests for upcoming themes, let me know! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, talk to you soon!

~Sarah AKA 25 Sweetpeas

25 Sweetpeas Iphone Wallpapers


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