Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 41

Sweetpeas Picks

Hey there and welcome back to a Sweetpeas Picks!! I love writing these, I truly do and I really dislike when I run out of time to do it! Like last weekend was such a blur it didn’t happen. It was Sunday night and I remembered I hadn’t written it and I almost did but silly little things held me back. Ha, literally I was thinking, but I don’t know what to use as the picture for the post, so I didn’t. Oh and the fact it was like Midnight!😂 DETAILS! 🥴 Anywhooo I want to work on not letting those lil things stop me, so here I am!

  1. What if social media disappeared? This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Like if Instagram just disappeared there would be so many “bloggers” without a way to communicate with others because so many have dropped their blogs. Which I find so sad, like my blog is a place I own for all intensive purposes. Sure things like search engines affect it and such, but there is no algorithm in/on my blog. If I post a blog post it will appear on my blog and anyone can find it. I was reading THIS blog post by How Sweet Eats  about her 10 years, (Congrats Jessica!! ) and she said something about how even if social media disappeared she’s still be blogging. I have to say I would do the same! And actually that’s reminded me to write on here more beyond reviews. Plus not worry about other platforms as much because we really have no control over IGs algorithm but we do have control of our blogs!

Wow, sorry that was like a novel!😵

  1. I’ve really been enjoying IG stories! Ha, I know that coming after why I just talked about seems odd. However, notice I said enjoying! I’ve been having fun with it, and honestly that’s not happened in a while!

  1. Ok I know I’m late to the party, but I tried the StarBucks Cold Brew with the Salted Sweet Cream Foam and oh my! It’s SOOO good! 💕 I don’t know why it took me this long to try it! ☕️ OBSESSED!

  1. In a few days it will technically be Fall🍂! When I walked outside today to take Dixie out it felt like fall, and the lighting looked like fall! It was so weird, but interesting how little things like that can change and suddenly it feels like a different season.

  1. MegtannaHill is amazing! Like seriously are you following her?! I’ve just been so in love with all of her posts lately! I’m sure I’ve mentioned her in another post but I will keep doing so because her art is always composed so elegantly. Plus I’m like a lol jealous of how all of her images match so perfectly!

  1. I know I have said this before, but I love a good glass file. Its crazy to think at one time I didn’t like even the thought because of the feel/sound. Its not bad. The first one I tried was the Heroine one, and I’ve had it for a few years now and I still love it, plus its still good to use!

  1. I actually really like the Post Malone album! If you haven’t given it a listen I would suggest the  following Tracks ; Allergic, Circles, Myself, Circles, & Goodbyes. Every time I play those when I am playing DJ in the house some one asks who is this!?  Also by that I just mean like within our household lol!

Well that is it for today I think! Hope you have enjoyed this chatty lil post! I have enjoyed writing it while sipping on a cold brew! 

Talk to ya later!

~ 25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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