Glisten & Glow November Polish Pickup 2019

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Glisten & Glow Wrong Lever! 25 Sweetpeas

Hi there! Welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas, today I have a look at the new Glisten & Glow November Polish Pickup! Yep we are almost ready for November, which seems completely insane but its almost here so lets check it out, its really a neat shade!

Glisten & Glow Wrong Lever! 25 Sweetpeas

Wrong Lever!
2 coats

A Navy polish packed with pink/purple/orange/green color shifting aurora shimmers.

Glisten & Glow Wrong Lever! 25 Sweetpeas

Novembers Polish Pickup theme is Fairytale! Glisten and Glow has created Wrong Lever! Its inspired by Yzma and Kronk from Emperors new Groove.  This is a really pretty polish, as you can tell its a lil dark but there is a lot of color going on in it as you shift around your nails you get all of that aurora shimmers. Its so pretty! It covered perfectly in two coats!

Glisten & Glow Wrong Lever! 25 Sweetpeas

 So this polish will be available during the November Polish Pickup, which starts on the 1st, and goes until the 4th. The cap will be 160 for the US, and 20 for the UK!

~25 Sweetpeas


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