Simple Halloween Nail Art | 12 Days of Halloween Preview

Simple Halloween Nail Art

Hello there and welcome back! Whew, I'm so excited to be sitting down to write a nail art post, its been a bit for sure. This week is Digital Dozen week and we are working with the theme of Colors that Collide. I wasn't sure how I was going to approach the theme but eventually it came to mind. So this week for my Digital Dozen manis I will be sharing a peek at some of the manis I will be featuring in my 12 Days of Halloween videos (starts the 20th), while also colliding colors. So lets have some fun.

To start all of this off to make sure my ideas would work, I looked up the word collide to see exactly what it mean't. After consulting Merriam Webster I found that it meant to come together with solid or direct impact. Knowing that tidbit totally made the theme a bit easier! :)

That being said for the first mani, I am layering things to create various shades. So two things colliding to create more depth! :) For this I am doing sort of a pond like mani where I am using a jelly polish that I can put art on and then layer the polish on top to create different levels. Lets check it out!

Simple Halloween Nail Art


Base Coat

Painted Phalanges - Sugar Hangover

Orly Nail Art Brush - Short Detailer

White Acrylic Paint

Top Coat

Simple Halloween Nail Art

I started with one coat of a fun black jelly polish that also has a rainbow of glitters in it. It is Painted Phalanges, Sugar Hangover, a great black jelly! Then I used my Orly Short Detailer brush to paint on one (or partial) spider web with white acrylic paint. Then I let that dry, put on another layer of Sugar Hangover and repeated those steps.until I was happy with the overall layer so this amount it totally up to you! :)

Simple Halloween Nail Art

Its a super easy mani, and I will have a tutorial for this on Youtube during the 12 Days of Halloween which is right around the corner! I believe its on Day 4!

Simple Halloween Nail Art

So thats a wrap for this post! Hope you enjoyed this version of colliding colors, and hopefully you enjoyed the art too! I really liked how it came out. Kinda a nice option if you want a Halloween mani but not a super in your face Halloween mani ya know!? Be sure to check out the other colliding color manis down below!

~25 Sweetpeas

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  1. This looks really simple, I think I can do it!

  2. Cute cute cute! I love the pond mani effect. I'm working on my manis for this now! :)

  3. So pretty! I love it. I pinned it for later!

  4. Such a cute idea! I am totally stealing this for Halloween :)

  5. Halloween nail art is my favorite! I need to get in gear and get mine going more!


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