Sweetpeas Pick Vol. 43

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there! Welcome back to a new Sweetpeas Picks! This past week I started #Inktober so that is what the above drawing is from! :) I was Day 1's prompt of drawing flower without lifting the pen! So so tricky, but cool too! Anywhoooo, lets chat about all the thing!

1. Christmas things are coming out guys!!! I already saw some getting the OPI Hello Kitty Christmas Advent box! What are you thinking about the OPI X Hello Kitty Holiday Collection?

2. I had this weird/odd train of thought/realization I thought I would share with you to see if anyone else "gets it". So there is this art notebook/sketch book I really want to get. It lays flat, it has a good amount of pages, thick paper which would allow for paint of all kinds, and its pretty pricy but also not bad considering its such a good quality. However I am finding it really hard to purchase because shipping is a lot or at least what I consider a lot. Plus I keep feeling like with having invested that much I would feel bad if I "messed up" in it. Ridiculous I know but its like a mental art block I'm having with this. I was thinking about how since I have gotten my iPad/Pencil its allowed me try so much more than I would have before and I just realized why. I don't have the far of wasting a piece of paper. I am not worried about wasting a sketch book because I have unlimited ways to start over on it, which is SO amazing. I had never realized why exactly it was that I was finding it easier to do art since getting it, but I really think that is why. I have nice sketch books to use but they are so much more intimidating. Its so odd! Have you ever had this sort of thing/realization!?

3. The new New Hope Club song is so good! Have you heard it? Its called Know me Too Well and I love it!

4. I rarely wear purple, but I do love purple I think its a really pretty color, and honestly I would totally wear it more if I thought it looked good on me! LOL! That being said, I really think I need to try this! Purple eyeshadows that LOOK purple I feel like is hard to come by, but Colourpop look like like they have it down!

5. I just found out about a new Coffee shop in the area I tend to hold my content meetings and it looks SO neat! I have yet to go, may try to make it this week, that being said... If you are in the Jacksonville Beach Area you might check out Sago Coffee.

6. This is just a question. Do you have AirPods? If so do you like them?

7. I am really LOVING participating in Inktober. So far I've kept up and love that!

Think we are going to cut this weeks chat a lil short? I have drifted off into other tabs so many time while writing this. LOL! The last question/thing being the main reason! LOL! Researching if I should get them or not?!

Talk to y'all soon!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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