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Moon Shine Mani Dream Baby

Moon Shine Mani has a new addition to the Project Dupe it Collection and this one is SO pretty, and spot on if not better than the original if I do say so! :) So lets check it out!

This polish is meant to dupe OPIS Teenage Dream from a collection they did with Katy Perry long time ago. I did actually have this polish, well technically I think it was my moms but we both wore it and eventually it dried up, granted it was REALLY low because we wore it a lot but still! So I now longer have it, but it was one I had and loved! So I was super excited about this one!

Moon Shine Mani Dream Baby

Dream Baby
3 coats

A light pink jelly jelly sparkling with holographic glitters.

Moon Shine Mani Dream Baby

This is SO pretty, and it looks amazing on! Its a light pink jelly so it does take a tiny bit of time to build up, but so worth it in my opinion. Also the holo in this polish is outstanding! 3 easy coats and you are good to go on this one I think!

Moon Shine Mani Dream Baby

So this polish is realizing on December 13th, and will be $12. ALSO releasing at the same time is a new top coat! That has a really light smell but smells wonderful!
Moon Shine Mani Top Coat

Its called Winter Escapade, a winter version of Escapade which I love! Here are the notes in it... cherry, orange, and coconut blended with whipped vanilla butter mints.

This is also releasing on December 13th! Now I think that is a wrap! I hope you have enjoyed this post! Below is a link to head over to the Moon Shine Mani shop! :) Also there is a new video up on my YT channel today for live action this polish!

~25 Sweetpeas


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