MLF Lacquer Dancing in A Snowglobe 2.0

press sample

Hello there! Hope you are having a nice day. Today I have a pretty polish that is actually a reformulation of an older polish so lets check it out! MLF Lacquer is releasing a 2.0 Version of Dancing in a Snowglobe, that was a polish they released last year. So lets check it out!

Dancing in A Snowglobe 2.0
2 coats

A deep purple jelly base with silver and purple holographic glitters.

It covers really well, looks great and oh so sparkly! Its a darker purple and has just a lovely amount of holo in it! I don't have the original formula so I can't really compare it for you, but either way, its pretty!

So this polish will be releasing on February 1st on the MLF Lacquer Website. It will be $9, and there is also a trio releasing on the same day so check that out too! :)

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