Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 48

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Sweetpeas Picks - Rainbow Art

Well hello there! Long time no see, or chat! LOL! Its FINALLY time for a new Sweetpeas Picks. Its way overdue too. The last one was in November, and then I kinda just dropped the ball because I started uploading daily to Youtube until the end of the year. It was a lot of fun, but also consumed a decent amount of time. Needless to say that time of the year was one of the busiest times so this kinda got left behind. However, no longer, we are back, and the  Sweetpeas Picks revival has begun because I love these posts and they are going to be fun to write. :)

1. I have made more time to read. Well not really, but over my Holiday Break I did read a bit! I am really enjoying Meg Cabot No Judgements, which I finally started! It takes place on a Fictional Island in the Florida Keys, and its about a Hurricane, and while its a fictionally names Hurricane, it was inspired by Irma according to some interviews I read about the book. So thats kinda cool, mainly because I did go through that Hurricane so I can totally get it.

2. I watched the most recent season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and without spoilers, that ending! Gosh! Wonder how long until we get to watch it!

3. On the topic of shows, I also watched and finished the second season of Lost In Space. It was pretty good until the last few episodes, those were kinda meh in my opinion, and I just didn't like the ending.

4. I recently discovered Gia Graham on Instagram and I just love her work, and the color story of her account. It's just lovely and inspiring. I feel like I'm afraid of color, so I signed up for her emails, where she has a monthly color palette and oh my! I LOVE it! Its helped me get out of my head and little rut I have been in, and I am soooo thankful for that. I needed it. So you should totally go check her out! Here is her Instagram, and this is her Website. Also for her art pieces she has time lapses for each of them, and its fascinating! Seriously, I just want to go watch them all. :)

5. While on the topic of Instagram, I just saw THIS account and whew! NutmegandHoney, Meg has such pretty art in various forms. Seriously, go check out her profile. Its full of color, fun designs and some amazing looking sweet treats. I love the mix of the different art forms.

6. I don't know if I have talked about this before, but I have started to Batch work for my blog and Youtube, and its so helpful! With the exception of "For fun posts" lately everything you would have see on my blog or YT is what I do consider Batch worked. Basically means I have split it all up into tasks, done one major steps one day, and another on another and so on then I have time off actually. Granted this is hard to do at times since a lot of the content I create is fast paced and the mail system has a lot to do with it. But.... Its super helpful! Here is a quick little run down of how I do this specifically for me.

  • I use my built in computer Calendar, and know that I traditionally only post on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, then I take a look at release dates of what I have to swatch, when it needs to go live, and pick the best date for the said collection and then I put it on the calendar in green. Having it on a digital calendar allows for me to move things around and add in other last minute things when needed. 
  • Then I take a look at the sizes of collections, and required deadlines, and then swatch. This involves all of the photos. I will try to do 3 or more posts worth of photos in one night. The amount really varies depending on collection size. If I am swatching a 12 piece collection most likely I will split that up in to a few nights. However if I am working on quick lil single releases or trios/duos I will get quite a few done in that night. 
  • After I have all of my swatching done I will be done for that night, desk/studio wise anyway. I then may then start cropping photos, and editing and watermarking while watching a movie If I feel like it, if not I will just do this over the next few nights while watching something. Mondays Bachelor night is always good for this. :)
  • On a separate night I will then film all of the video clips needed for the polishes I swatched.
  • Then I take a night or two off from painting to just do computer work. Editing the videos, and blog posts do take time but when you get on a roll you can get a lot done in one night.
  • This then allows me to take a few nights off a week to explore one of my other creative outlets or do absolutely nothing which can be nice every now and then. Plus this allows me to have weeks of content done at a time, and I can just not worry about it and just focus on whatever crazy idea comes to mind. :)
7. I've missed working out, I know, that sounds weird. Its so hard to find time for it currently in my schedule, but I am working on it. Back to trying to hit goal of 10,000 Steps daily, with one skip day a week because lets be real, school cares nothing about ones health, and makes you spend way to many waking hours sitting. So far in this New Year though its been going well, and I've stuck with that daily goal with one skip a week. I mainly put the skip in so I don't feel like I've ruined the goal when they inevitable happens because life. So... :) 

Well that was a lot of info for just 7 lil spots! So I think we shall call it, and I will chat with you back here next week. Also I will be sharing some free phone Wallpapers on Instagram that go with the cover of this post if you are interested! So be on the look out over there for that! :) See you at next weeks Sweetpeas Picks!

Talk to you soon,

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. Your explanation of how you do the art work and videos helps to see a whole picture of you. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. I’m also trying to get back to 10K steps a day, but it’s seriously winter here so it’s not easy! It was so interesting to learn how you work on your nail art, videos and blogposts. Honestly, I am in awe of how you do it all!

  3. Well done on batch making your posts/videos! It's one of my goals for 2020 :)

  4. I need to try to batch work! Sounds helpful!


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