Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 49

Sweetpeas Picks Illustration by 25 Sweetpeas - Sarah

Hello and welcome to a Monday version of a Sweetpeas Picks because its a holiday, so its a 3 day weekend! Or is it? Do you get the day off, I hope so because everyone can  use a 3 day weekend every now and then right?! Well actually I kinda take that back, my fave day is Monday, and most 3 day weekends get rid of Monday sooo. Ha!! Its all weird! Anywayyyyy, welcome back to another Sweetpeas Picks!

1. I made a crustless Strawberry pie this week, I used THIS recipe and it was quite good! I would definitely make it again.

2. Its Strawberry season! Well I don't know if it is officially but we are seeing the best Strawberries in stores. The ones from Plant City, Florida. Seriously if you see them in stores, find the best container and get them! SO good. Also yes, I always read the packaging to see if thats where they are from. If not there then still FL, because I mean FL strawberries are really good!

3.While talking about things you eat, have you tried Ruby Chocolate?! Its THE best! If you are like mean and only eat White Chocolate, guess what. You can probably eat Ruby Chocolate. Its still made of Cacao beans, but before they have been fermented to make your traditional Chocolate. Which is the state I don't eat chocolate in because migraines/headaches. Anyway, I can eat Ruby Chocolate, and its so good. Right Now the only brand I know of that has it in the US is Chocolove. I have tried all 3 kinds ; the standard Ruby Chocolate, the Grapefruit Filled, and the Passionfruit Filled ones. All of which are amazing! I've only seen them in a few stores, Sprouts & The World Market. I think Earth Fare may have also had them but I am not sure.

4. I was watching a YT video and the person in it was wearing a really light pink almost white nail polish and it was SO pretty! So now I am wearing Heroine NYC Sugar Spun because of it. ( I don't know what she was wearing it wasn't a polish video ;) ) Any way, I am LOVING it. I really do need to paint both hands more. :) I am really enjoying this! Psttt the bottle shot on their site looks drab, and its so NOT drab, so check out the swatch pics!

5. Lists! Oh my I've really been a fan of list making for the past few years but I've been working from a to do list today, and I have gotten so much done, AND I have also been keeping up on my hourly Fitbit Steps. SO YAY!

Well that is it for this post today! I am cutting it short because tomorrow we are having a special Edition of a Sweetpeas Picks! ;)

Talk to You Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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