Painted Phalanges March 2020 Polish Pickup

by - Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Painted Phalanges Shade As Old As Time

Hello there! Hope you are having a nice day so far! Today I have a new Painted Phalanges to show you! This is their polish for the March Polish Pickup! The March Polish Pickup will be March 6-9 and then orders are usually shipped about 2-3 weeks after you order. So lets check it out!

Painted Phalanges Shade As Old As Time

Shade As Old As Time
2 - 3 coats

Inspired by a purple rainbow sky. It's a heather purple crellie with blue/gold/pink/purple/yellow shifting flakies and a bright gold/green/orange/red shifty shimmer.

Painted Phalanges Shade As Old As Time

This has a really nice formula, I love the way the flakies spread out, and it just looks so lovely on! This will be $11 in the PPU and there will be a USA Cap of 200, and a UK cap of 20.

25 Sweetpeas

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