Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 53

Sweetpeas Picks

Heya! Welcome to another Sweetpeas Picks! I am actually writing this earlier than normal. I usually write this on the day I post it but I know that the day I need to make this go live I may be away from the computer so ya, I am writing this Sweetpeas Picks early! :)

1. I am trying to Tweet more. Why? I don't know! LOL! I always enjoy Twitter, but don't participate enough so I am trying! :)

2. I think I like The Aces new song! The music in it is really good, its called Daydream!

3. Y'all I have accomplished so much blog this week, like and insane amount! I actually have a post already ready to go for April which is insane! I don't know how exactly I am so planned right now! But I am, and its working really well! I have been finding more time to work on some other exciting things! ;)

4. The ColourPop UR a QT Palette is really nice! The only shade I don't LOVE, ironically is Lover. I think its mainly just learning how to use it differently. Its a pink, and I feel like that can make me look like I was crying sooo that one I need to play with more. However the rest, I LOVE, plus have been using daily lately!

5. I am obsessed with my first Posca Paint Pen? Paint Marker? What do I even call it?! I don't know its just great! I purchased a white 3M one and LOVE! For some reason they are kind of hard to find in stores. I had a really good Michaels coupon the other day and wanted to use it on a full set because I love art supplies, and they are expensive so a coupon is a must, but they were out of stock at all of my stores. Plus they were not available to ship. Which is weird, and I just checked and its still the same. So yeah, not getting a set right now!

6. Its March, which means an album I have been waiting for will finally come out soon and I am super excited about that. CALM comes out on the 27th!

7. Love a good Drum Cover!

8. I am obsessed with my Archer & Olive Notebook. I put off purchasing one for so long but I love it!  It was/is honestly just what I was looking for! I have this one, but there are other color options! Its was the only one in stock when I was ready to buy it! Ha!

Well, thats it for today! Hope you are having a great day! Talk to you Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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