Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 54

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there and welcome to a Sweetpeas Picks! Wow, I feel like a lot has happened since I last wrote one of these posts. Mainly because I wrote the last one early but also I mean a lot has happened in the world. There is no denying that! I hope you are all safe, and healthy! I just want to let you know over here things will be going on as normal. I hope to be able to provide y'all with a happy distraction and entertainment for this stress filled time! We are all constantly hearing more news about the ongoing situation and thats not helping anyones anxiety, and or mental health! So lets chat have a nice little time to chill and just only think about fun things to do from home, or ways you can help others while staying home.

1. A lot of small businesses are having online sales right now so if you can, and want to, you can help small businesses by taking advantages of the sales. For instance many art markets/farmers markets/small local shops are having to close for the same reasons big businesses are having to work from home so this is a great way to help them. You don't even have to purchase from them to help, you can spread the word, share their sale information in a social media post, and just be sure to engage positively with them online. Little things like that can really help. :) Below are some places I know of that are small businesses that are having sales. I actually splurged on a sketchbook I've wanted for like a year now. I'd not been purchasing it because I hate paying shipping, how ever it is free shipping right now and that didn't even happen at Christmas so I am pretty excited!

M Lovewell
The Pigeon Letters

and I am sure there are more! If you know of one, or you have one yourself let me know and I'll add it!

2. Its time to stay inside and be creative! What will you be doing? I am thinking about creating some downloadable/printable coloring pages. I personally feel like is a great outlet for stress, and coloring is a great kinda mindless one you can do while watching a movie, listening to a podcast, jamming out to some music, just so many options so we call see! Its kinda of a last minute idea so it maybe a few days to get it all tougher be we will see. :)

3. Ok, so I KNOW I have linked this recipe before, but if you are looking for a easy sweet treat you can make at home with ingredients you may have and won't take up too much of what you stocked up on, I highly suggest this No Bake Recipe! Often times I don't feel like scooping cookies, so I will cover a sheet pan (one with edges) with wax paper, and then pour it in that, spread it out and freeze it! SO good and addicting! I just made some and I can wait for it to set! :)

4. I am really enjoying Nialls CD Heartbreak Weather! I highly suggest giving it a listen!

5. Since we are going to be spending time indoors, if you need a light hearted movie to watch, I suggest Falling Inn Love on Netflix! LOVE that movie, I have seen it many times. That is a Netflix original. If you are an ocean lover, or you like the idea of treasure, and want pretty cut scenes one of my fave movies is free on Youtube! Its called Into the Blue, and oh so good!

6. If you are wanting to be creative and yet now sure what to do or maybe you want to start a new hobby, or just like watching others create, spend some time on YouTube! Not only will you be learning and having fun, but you will be supporting others jobs. I have been having SO much fun on Youtube lately, and I have one of the neatest communities on there! I just love it all. Creating, communicating, watching, learning, and just having fun. I am planning lots of video for the next upcoming weeks so there is no lull in a fun distraction! So let me know what you want to see, nail art, swatches, comparisons, speed paints, painting in my Sketchbook, procreate art, behind the scenes..... Below are some channels I enjoy watching! All of which are just different, they could be vlog channels, art, nails, music really just anything!

AmandaRachLee - Literally all you have to do is watch one video and you will want to start a bullet journal!

Katie Maree - I really enjoy behind the scenes and she shares a lot of them about art, and her business! Very inspiring!

Holly Dolke - Workout videos! Love that hers are doable, and can be done in a decent amount of time!

Zoe Sugg - I just love her videos, and everything she does is just great. Again, very inspiring!

Lauren Liz - I can't letter, as much as It would be nice, it just physically hurts, but I LOVE watching her videos, she makes it look so do-able!

Bardot Brush - If you want to learn about Procreate this channel is amazing! But a lot of her drawing videos relate directly to if you were doing the art on paper so just check her out!

Makoccino - Want to paint? She has so many good tutorials with various mediums!

Ok I suppose thats enough for right now!

7. I recently found this Instagram, Ittytish, and I have been enjoying her art so much!

8. Don't forget I have a new series on Youtube! Its 5 Days of St Patricks Day!

9. If you need some happy wallpapers for your phone, I have 8 free downloads HERE.

Well guys that is it! I am now off to respond to everyone on Youtube! I have been having some of the sweetest comments come in, and wow, I appreciate you all so so much! So lucky to have so many watch and care about what I create!

PS. The photo in todays post was one I took last weekend! Its a historic house in the Amelia Island/ Fernandina Beach area!


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