Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 55

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello and welcome to a Sweetpeas Picks! Hope you are having a nice weekend in and staying Healthy! I'm looking forward to sitting down and writing this post today and just having a nice little chat about super random things! Did you guys do anything fun from home this past week? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

1. This past week I took a fun Bardot Brush workshop on Youtube. She did a live workshop that she did earlier this year at the Alt Summit, and I really enjoyed it. If you want to check it out you can here. I plan on post the piece I did on Instagram soon.

2. I painted more in my Archer & Olive, this time I did some lemons with a really happy color palette. Its pictured above but I will have to say some of the details were lost in the pic! Anyway though, it was fun and I enjoyed doing it. :)

3. 2020 really is a weird year! I mean last night I voluntarily put on a yellow nail polish on BOTH hands. This has only happed like 2 other times, and one was a few weeks ago, and once last year because I was reviewing it but WOW! I actually am loving it sooooo much! Something about seeing it move around when I do things with my hands is just fun. I don't know why. The one I am wearing currently is Zoya Bee.

4. Something that I have been looking forward to for a really long time just shipped and its releasing on Friday. This would be the 5 Seconds of Summer CALM album! SO so excited about this album. My original plans of first listening to it on the way to the beach won't happen, but I am literally trying to make my day clear for it so I don't associate it with bad/sad things, but happy! :)

5. Ahh, I made my favorite warm weather drink this week and it was SO good and refreshing. I could drink it daily but trying to stretch the ingredients soooo that won't be happening. Its 1 Passion Tazo Tea bag brewed in 1 cup of water. Then I let it steep for multiple hours. Basically until cool or just when ever I feel like making the rest. I do this in a normal sized glass. So after that is done I remove the tea bag, add one sweetener. Then I top off the rest of the glass with Simply Raspberry Lemonade. I've tried it with the Blueberry one and its just not the same, but the regular Simply Lemonade works. I have have found Simply to be the best brand I will have to say too, I tried I think it was Tropicana's Raspberry Lemonade, and honestly it was so gross and fake taking. Anywhooooo, like I said I top off the glass with that, and leave a little room for ice and thats it! SOO good! Very refreshing, and it tastes like a the Starbucks drink!

6. Favorite games this week ; UNO Flip! Seriously so fun! I also liked Sequence, but it takes a bit of thinking/strategy so if you have already had a stressful day, this may not be the best answer.

7. If you need a laugh, or a smile, or just a distraction, love/like music or all of the above, I highly suggest going on to Youtube and watching some Song Associations! SO much fun. The Lewin Capaldi one is so funny, here it is!

8. I have been using Stories a lot lately on Instagram and its been fun! In many ways Instagram has become more fun lately. I feel like a lot are using it for good, lifting spirits, coming together, and just all around supporting each other. Its really neat too see, but also sad in the respects that it take something like what we are all going though for this to happen! Ya know? But still good! :)

Well y'all, thats it for today I think I am off to work on some illustrations because I am really wanting to use this at home more time to practice, and just advance my skills! :)

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