Moon Shine Mani Polish Pickup | May 2020

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Moon Shine Mani What An Airhead

Hello there and welcome back! Hope you are having a nice day! Today I have a new upcoming polish from Moon Shine Mani to show you. Its their May 2020 Polish Pickup, and its a crelly with lil fun glitters so lets take a look!

Moon Shine Mani What An Airhead

What An Airhead
2 coats
 A white texture polish filled with red, blue, yellow, and white micro glitters and red to gold iridescent glitters.  This polish is inspired by Airheads Extremes Sourfuls, in the rainbow berry flavor.

Price : $12
No Cap 

Moon Shine Mani What An Airhead

This polish covers really nicely in 2 coats, and the way it applies it interesting. You will have to watch todays video on Youtube to fully get the affect in which I will talk about but... When you apply it its really milky looking but as it dries down the glitters for a lack of a better description, rise up and become the texture and bring out the color! Its neat! You can slightly see the texture in the above macro photo. :) 

The May Polish Pickup is May 1st-4th!


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