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Hello there and welcome back! Today I am super excited about a new video I have going live on my Youtube Channel! Its my first ever Procreate Tutorial where I show you/talk you through a project and explain some tools! I am so excited, and wanted to share some things here on the blog too including a download of what I made so lets check it all out!

How to Marble in Procreate 25 Sweetpeas

Today on my Youtube Channel My new video How to Marble In Procreate went live! Its a little long, but we go over how to create a marble all on Procreate! I share the colors I use, and the brush recommendation if you want to to kinda look like the effect you get when doing a water marble on your nails. That being said, its much easier than a nail water marble I think! :) I also show you the liquify tool, and how to use it and what settings you need to have set to get the looks I did. Hopefully its helpful. :) If you head over to YouTube and watch it, please let me know! I would love to know what you think, and what you would like to see next!

Now as I mentioned in the video, I would share some versions of what I made as wallpapers! :) So below is a preview of the wallpapers. One is Phone Sized and the other too should fit on most computers/tablet screens. Hope you like them, and go make your own if you have an iPad that is pencil compatible. ;) I genuinely had so much fun with this video, these wallpapers, all of it was just a fun distraction this week. Below the previews you will find a download button which will take you to a flower that has all 3 options! :)

* Wallpapers are for Personal Use only. If you do share them on Instagram Stories please tag me, also please do not crop out my name in the graphic. If you would like to collaborate on an illustration project please enquire by sending an email to, for rates and details.

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