Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 57

Hello there! How are you?! I hope you are having a good day, I know its kinda hard to these days, but we have to try. Welcome to a new Sweetpeas Picks! I was meaning to sit down to write my Art Style blog post, but haven't been feeling it. I love looking back on them but March was such a weird month, and I'm just not sure I feel like revisiting all of that right now ya know! Then I was starting to write another post and realized nah, today I just need to chit chat! So thats what are here to do!

1. I have watched a crazy amount lives in the past few weeks, but honestly I love it! I have take live art workshops, I got to watch/have a listening party for the launch of my favorite CD last week which was so cool, and will be a memory forever. Then I got to watch another live the later that day with the same people, and it was so random but FUN! Then this week I have watched some pretty spur of the moment acoustic guitar performances, a few pretty epic DJ set (who am I that I just said DJ and Epic!!! LOL). Literally last night I had to pick what live to watch, weigh the pros/cons as if to one would be saved or not. Kinda fun!

2. I had this deep thought, ok not deep but... This social distancing should actually be called Physical Distancing, because I feel like we are all being more social than ever! Not physically in person, but via social media, texting, FaceTime, Zoom(ing?), live streaming and its kinda cool! Its bringing people together, and its sad that it takes this major thing happening for this to happen.

3. All Time Low, another one of my favorite bands, released a new CD this week, and I am loving it! I am soooo glad that they released, as did 5 Seconds of Summer last week. Its helped me tremendously, and its a great escape. Its put me in my fan girl mindset and honestly that makes me so productive and daring with ideas, I LOVE it! Also the graphics All Time Low have been using for everything are just SOOO good, and so inspiring. I would love do that sort of thing some time! Could you imagine!

4. So I have been wanting to start and online shop for my art. Some of you probably know that! But if you didn't now you do. This has been in my mind for a few years. It was supposed to happen last year, but life threw some curve balls and that didn't happen. However now its almost exactly a year since I knew FOR sure I wanted to do this, and well its safe to say curve balls are STILL happening and on a global scale, so timing feels so wrong but I'm almost to the point of what am I waiting for. Its just one thing after another, and I just have to DO it. So I started the process, got a bit intimidated, and filled with worry that my art wouldn't look good printed. Self doubt was real, and still is from time to time. However I have been working on an upcoming blog post that led to me being able to see my art printed on a pretty big scale and it altered that doubt. Earlier this week I received a huge package and it was my art, it was SO cool and honestly a bit unbelievable! I am always creating art on my iPad, or in my sketchbook but to see it professionally printed on a big scale was just so surreal, and it kinda of put my worries as ease. It does print well, and I am proud of it, so I feel like that was a HUGE start in getting going. I will have MUCH more to share on all of this in the near future, but just wanted to share a bit! ;) I cannot WAIT to show you!

5. Do y'all use or watch Twitch?! I've not used it to actually stream but I have watched things on it for the first time a couple of times this week, and I kinda feel like there could be some potential there? Like we could do some fun things? I know its a dominantly gaming crowd over there, but I think there is room for art don't you?! I don't know, do y'all watch it, would you watch it? Or do you prefer Youtube live?

6. Its Sunday as I am now writing this, I've had this open in a tab all week and I've just been adding to it here and there, but we are finally getting some rain! WOO! Its also making for a nice kinda cozy Sunday. I think after this blog post is written I am going to just paint a big on paper, and then on my iPad. Then tonight I think I'll working on computer work, I have some videos to edit for this week! Lotsa things to share this week.

7. I'm over holiday art. Like I like having a theme to work on, but also I feel like I have so many things I want to do that are unrelated but then I feel like I have to work on the said theme and then I'm just bummed. However the next holiday I am about done with, which means I will just move on to whatever, which I am excited about. Also trying to links nails + other art is tricky sometimes, but also I love it.

8. I have been wearing abstract nail art on my right hand now for 2 weeks, a different color combo each week, and its been really fun. I often don't do art on that hand or even wear polish because I film so much that I don't want a chipped mani to pop up in a video but this abstract has been easy to maintain, and I enjoy it when working with my Apple Pencil, or a paint Brush.

9. I am having SO much fun with this playlist prompt list!

10. My hardcopy of CALM came! Ahh, I can't remember the last time I bough a CD hardcopy! I love having a Lyric book to look through and do a full sit down and read along with each song. <3 Also I know the date on the pic is wrong, but I changed it on the day the CD came out, and never changed it. I probably should have especially considering I didn't get that physical copy until this past week. Psst, spy all of those lil shells, I really miss shelling finding. I found that sea-urchin last year, as well at that Wentletrap. As for the rest + seaglass I'm not sure but I basically have these little clusters all over my room and I love it!

11. In the need of reading some inspiring things, or just kinda something that can motivate or reassure, I found some really neat posts on an Instagram called @MomentaryHappiness first off the overall color story in this account just gives all the cozy vibes, and then the words just hit right; here are a few I really liked, one, two,  and this one, not on the same account because it was in her stories the other day and I screen shotted it yet can't find it on her IG, but someone else reposted it. I really like that one it says...

"One day you will wake up and all of a sudden the weight of the last few weeks, months, or even years will be lifted off your shoulders. You can't control when that day comes, all you can do it stay strong and trust that it is coming." - Momentary Happiness

Now on that note, I think its time to go paint, or sketch, or all of the above. Maybe I will turn on the camera too. The lighting isn't great right now, but we can see. Time to full up my water bottle, make sure the blinds are at the optimum angle, turn up the music, and just have some fun. If you want to listen to the playlist I will be listening to for the foreseeable future, you may here.


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