Moon Shine Mani Polished Gamers May 2020

press sample
Moon Shine Mani CastleVania

Hello there! Welcome back, and welcome to a quick lil swatching blog post! Today we are looking at the new Moon Shine Mani for the May 2020 Polished Gamers Box. The May theme is Sega VS Nintendo, and it will be available from May 15th - 20th on the Polished Gamers site! So lets check out this polish!

Moon Shine Mani CastleVania

3 coats

A crimson crelly packed with red/gold/green iridescent flakies and shimmer, red/bronze/gold multichrome flakies, and black and gray matte glitters. I have attached the inspiration image.  

Moon Shine Mani CastleVania

This polish was inspired by the Sega Game Castlevania. This polish is really neat and it has a lot going on in it! I think it covered well in 3 coats + allows for the flakies to really layer and create a neat affect!

This polish will be $12 in the below shop from May 15th - 20th!


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