No Mess Ombré Nails

Ombré Nail Art
Hey ya! I'm back with another quick lil blog post for you! Lately ombré nails have been really popular, and after seeing so many cute manis done in rainbow colors I jumped on the trend with my own lil color scheme. It was such a fun mani to wear, and I enjoyed it SO much! So lets take a look!

Ombré Nail Art

So after seeing 2 of my friends, Kara Nailed It, and The Elizabeth Anne share cute ombré nails on Instagram I wanted to do the same. :) They both used the new Olive & June collection called The Into You Set, which is lovely looking might I add! I don't have that collection nor did I find a full rainbow line up in my collection where all of the shades had similar formulas, so I changed the colors scheme and how I did it to adjust for cremes.

Ombré Nail Art

I am obsessed with this mani! It was an absolute joy to wear, because the colors are just so happy, and fun, and the fact that this mani was SO easy is even better. I don't often do gradation nail art anymore because I don't like the clean up, and when I don't often wear the same mani for more than 24 hours its just usually not worth it. However this method of an ombré wasn't super messy and it was super easy. All of which I documented and troubleshooted as we went in the video so I really hope you find it helpful!

What I Used

Heroine NYC - Sugar Spun Heroine NYC - Bubblegum Heroine NYC - Lilac It Heroine NYC - In A Haze Heroine NYC - Peek a Blue China Glaze - Spritzer Sister

Wedge Make Up Sponge (damp) Top Coat

Ombré Nail Art

Well that is a wrap for this post! Hope you enjoyed hearing about this mani and hopefully you found the tutorial to be at least a bit helpful! Like I mentioned in the post I really enjoyed wearing this mani and I hope if you recreate it you do too! :)


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