Spring Hydration Favorites in 2020

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Spring Hydration Favorites in 2020

Hello there and welcome back! Today I thought I would share some of my fave products that are great for hydration of all sorts! If you follow me on Instagram I went over some of these in my stories  the other day, but decided if would be a good idea for the list to live on, on my blog as well! So lets check out some of my fave things for hydration! :)

I feel like we are all using extra strong chemicals on our hands, and most likely drying out our skin way more than normal. SO I thought it may be helpful to share some of the products I have been using to keep hydrated.

Zoya Hydrate & Heal

Zoya Naked Manicure - Hydrate & Heal Duo

I love this duo! I am one of those people who doesn't love lotion being on after like 10 of so minutes. I usually feel like I have to go wash my hands. However with this combo of the spray, and then the lotion, I actually do not have any issues. Its hydrating, has a super light scent, so you can wear it with other fragrances, and well I simply just love it! :) The spray isn't a must, but I always use it, and like the 2 step process. :) Also I should mention that this is something I really only use on my hands, occasionally in super dry areas, but I use this mainly as a hand cream.

Spring Hydration

Nails Inc. Nail Kale - Superfood Base Coat 

Ok, if you have be having problematic nails lately this base coat it amazing. For example, I have one nail that has a weak corner, and it always peels. However this base coat fixes it. Its great! I almost didn't include this, because its currently out of stock, but its really great, and I would just get on and periodically check it if you need some extra strength for your nails!

Sunnys Miracle Balm - Coco-Beach Baby (scent)

Ok, if you have any super dry spots, or cracking, or just really annoying snaggy spots on ya that are dry and nothing is working use this in just that spot. Its great, and hydrates it! I used it ok my feet/ankles because for me I just need extra moisture there and its great. Plus I wear it with the next product and the scents combined are so tropical! I love it!

OGX Argan Oil Lotion

This is most certainly my favorite all over lotion. Its a massive bottle, last forever, and is super nice to wear. It soaks in in a decent amount of time, leaves my skin feeling great, and it smells amazing. Psst, there is matching shampoo! ;)

Stella Chroma - Intense Butter Balm 

Ok, this stuff is intense! So a lil goes a long way, and its great. I've lately been using this mainly on my cuticles after a lot of being in dish water, or lotsa sanitizer, and or just a big Swatch fest and its great. As it melts into your skin, its like a really great cuticle oil. I love it, and use it as a heavy duty product which for me means, usually at night, because it will be a bit slick on the skin and its not something you just quickly do if that makes sense. You want it to just really soak in.

Moon Shine Mani Sugar Scrub

Moon Shine Mani - Sugar Scrub

I love so many sugar scrubs, that in all honesty I could create a whole post dedicated to just that! :) However the one I have by my sink right this minute and have been immensity enjoying is the Moon Shine Mani one! Its a nice size, and a lil dab of it works great, and leaves my hands feeling really great!

I love lipsticks, and just having color on my lips. However lately because I have been doing so many creative things I have been having super chapped lips, so I wanted to a. fix that and b. have a lil color. Plus I have always wanted a good lip SPF since when I do like to spend a lot of time at the beach. :) So last year I found Sun Bum's chapsticks and LOVE them. They are actually helpful, I can add a lil color and protect my lips, plus there are color options, or no colors if you would just like a normal chapstick. Ah, I just love them and wear them all of the time. :)

Well I think that about wraps up this post. I know I have numerous other products I could talk about that I used on a regular basis, but these are all things I have been using on a regular weekly basis is not daily lately, so I thought it would be nice to share. Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you are having a great weekend. Have ya'll found any really good products during this quarantine time? Let me know below! Always into trying new products like these. Mentioning of all of that I think I need to go do a lil sugar scrub + lotion. We've had to change out dish soap because the one we normally buy has been out at our stores for like a month so we've settled for something else, and I just used it and my hands are feeling super dry, which is not cool! So off to do that! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

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