Stella Chroma June Polish Pickup 2020

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Stella Chroma Sugar Scrubs

Hello there and welcome back! Today I have all of the details on the new products that Stella Chroma will be having in the June Polish Pickup which is right around the corner. These items includes a new sugar scrub, and then a new polish of course. With a Cocktail theme for the Polish Pickup there is a bit of a fun theme going on so lets check out the scrub first!

Stella Chroma Sugar Scrubs

Emulsified Sugar Scrub in the scent Spiked Watermelon. Its description is....

Fresh, juicy watermelon. Pure and simple. The perfect summer treat. Is it soaked in vodka? Maybe. But remember this one’s for the grownups. $6 for a 2.5 oz jar. No cap. 

I really like it, its a fresh watermelon scent and does like like a watermelon Frosé that we make around this time of year and through the summer.

Stella Chroma Do it Again. Old Fashioned.

Do it again. Old Fashioned
2 coats

This shade is inspired by Don Draper’s signature drink, the Old Fashioned. A sheer, deep orange jelly base has as many yellow/orange/green flakies as I could fit, a strong yellow/orange shifting shimmer, and red holographic glitters to symbolize those cherries. ;) Best at 2-3 thin coats. No cap, and this one will be $12 for 15 mL. 

Stella Chroma Do it Again. Old Fashioned.

This polish is just lovely and WOW, so much is going on in it. As you can just tell by looking at it in photos but if you watch or already watched todays swatch video on Youtube you would know this is also super reflective, and all around gorgeous! The formula is great, easy to work with which is always nice too!

Stella Chroma Do it Again. Old Fashioned.

Both of the items we talked about will be available on the Polish Pickup website from June 5th - 8th and the great thing is there is not a cap so it will be available for that full weekend! :)


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