Easy Nail Art For Both Hands

Negative Space Abstract Nail Art

Hello there! Hope your Monday is off to a nice start! Its so nice when a new month starts on a Monday. I'm not sure why, but its just really like a full fresh start. Granted, these days everything blurs together and in reality it kinda feels like March? Anywhoo, as I mentioned this weekend, I am working to get caught up on blog posts, as since March I have been posting videos daily on the 25 Sweetpeas Youtube Channel so I have nail art thats not been on the blog! :) So its catch up time! Also, Happy Nail Polish Day! Apparently June 1st is Nail Polish Day!

This video shows you how to create a super easy negative space abstract mani that you can easily do on both hands. I have really been enjoying having abstract/negative space nails on my right hand it makes it fun doing everyday mundane tasks. :)  So check out the video so you can see how YOU too can do this mani!

Negative Space Abstract Nail Art

What I Used

Heroine NYC - Bubblegum 

Orly - Rose Colored Glasses China Glaze - Pilates Please Zoya - Bee Small Dotting Tool Top Coat

Negative Space Abstract Nail Art

Really easy right? Also remember you can do any color combo you would like, and there are just so many fun options!


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