Moon Shine Mani Project Dupe It | July 2020

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Moon Shine Mani No Tears Left to Cry

Hello there and welcome back! Today I have a brand new polish to show you from Moon Shine Mani that will be releasing on July 10th! Its an add on to the on going Project Dupe It collection!

Moon Shine Mani No Tears Left to Cry

No Tears Left to Cry
2 coats

inspired by OPI Mermaid's Tears. This is a dusty sea green-gray cream.

Moon Shine Mani No Tears Left to Cry

Guess what?! I actually have the inspired by polish! So here is a look at the Moon Shine Mani ( Index Finger) and then the OPI on the next finger. Right off the bat you can tell that the OPI Mermaid Tears is a bit darker. However I would say they are the same color, its just like you went to a color picker and darkened the color/lightened it. So not quite a 100% Dupe in my opinion, but I DO feel like the MSM would fulfill the want/need of the shade if you can't get the OPI because it came out forever ago! :) The MSM has a great formula and covered perfectly in 2 coats as you can see in the swatch video and its a lovely polish! :)

This polish will be releasing on the MSM website on July 10th, it will $8 and will not be limited edition! :) So what do you think of it?


  1. Looks close enough for me ... depending on the light it might be hard to tell the difference.


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