Trying some of the UNT Sun Envy Collection

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UNT Sun Envy Collection

Hello there and welcome back! Today on my Youtube Channel I am trying out some shades from the Sun Envy Collection from UNT. So I thought I would share the swatch photos here so you could see them in a still form. These polishes don't really have names, but they have a letter/number combo so we will just kinda chat through them and see what we think.


Here we have a shimmering polish names SE045. Its a white shimmer with a hint of gold, and iridescent sparkle as well. This one covers ok in about 3 coats, it might just be better in a top coat format because in 3 coats I can still kinda see through a bit. It applies well though. :) 


This is SE115, and its a pink leaning mauve. It has a really nice formula, covers well in 2 coats.  The brushes on these are a nice shape, I did find them to be a bit stiff but yet it worked. The polish levels out if the brush leaves any strokes so thats good!


This is a brighter version of the last polish we just looked at. Its SE120, and has nice formula. One thing to note about these polishes is that the bottles are smaller than your average polish bottle, not mini status but smaller than your traditional bottle. However I think its will still last a really long time.


Here is SE125, a peachy dusty orange. A really nice formula, perfect in 2 coats.


This is SE130, and well I don't know. Formula wise this polish is nice, but color wise, I'm just not loving it. It reminds me of wet concrete for some reason!


SE135 is a dusty blue with a teal shimmer! It covers nicely in 2 coats, and the formula is pretty nice!


Lastly we have SE140, a sparkly shimmer that is purple and gold and a bit of a charcoal tone to it. This needed about 2-3 coats just depending on how you apply the polish.


  1. Thank you so much for this full review! Now I know you don't like the green color lol The shimmery blue one is really pretty though!


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