My Favorite Apps for Photo Editing

Favorite Apps For Photo Editing - 25 Sweetpeas

Hello! Hope you are having a nice day! I have been creating a list of fun and different things I want to blog about and today I am checking one of the ideas off the list! I was thinking about when I started blogging, and specifically focusing on nails, and trying to figure out how to edit photos, apply my watermark and so on! In my head I knew how I wanted my photos to look, but it took me a long time to get to that exact look. Through all of it I have found a great core group of apps that I use! So I thought it would be fun to go over my fave apps and what I use them for. I am also contemplating creating a video on exactly how I get white backgrounds in my photos, but thats for another day! For now, lets chat apps!

So as I mentioned above I have tried so many apps over the years when it comes to editing a photo, and I have changed what I use numerous times. All of the ones I am sharing today are ones I currently use, and or have always used.

Favorite Apps For Photo Editing - 25 Sweetpeas

A Color Story - This is my favorite app for when it comes editing a "real life photo" and or flat lay photos! So if you see any photo that doesn't have a "product" photo vibe I have most likely used this app for some sort of something! I always see so many use Lightroom and I don't know I just don't love it, but I do love the preset format, which this app allows you to make your own, and or purchase preset packs! Also there is an area within the app that you can plan your Instagram posts!

Template - I have really been enjoying this app lately for Instagram Story images, as well as even blog post thumbnails, and Instagram posts! This app also allows you to make neat continues carrousel posts, or 3 posts connect in the square format on IG!

Photos - The default photo app on an iPhone is actually pretty great! I do all of my sizing there, and I unusually always crop to 8:10. Also It has a really good sharpen tool, plus the exposure and brightness tool is pretty great I just often forget about it since I don't always sharpen, and I mess with those other things in various other apps.

Favorite Apps For Photo Editing - 25 Sweetpeas

Snapseed - The BEST app for editing nail photos hands down! Honestly when I discovered this app it changed my process SO much, and ultimately cut my editing time in half! I use this for watermarking, making the colors look accurate, making the background white, as well as tackle any healing that is needed. I am not one for EVER "photoshopping" a photo to make it look better than it is in real life. Also imperfections. However I am ok with using a healing tool on a nasty cut or a rash that may appear in the photo that wouldn't normally be there, and the tool on this app works great for when its really needed.

Filmm - This app is something I don't use all of the time, but I do often use for stories and or clipping smaller footage together, which right now is just for Instagram but I would love to use it for YT sized videos!

Procreate - This is actually the app I do all of my art in! I have recently been enjoying it immensely for drawing on photos, and I'm still exploring other ways to use it in photo editing. I feel like there is so much potential!

Well there ya have it! My fave apps for photo editing, with one lil one for IG Stories content! Will you be trying any of these, or do you already use them? What are your Favorite Apps to use?

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