Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 63

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello! Welcome to another Sweetpeas Picks! Totally missed the weekend window for the post but oh well! We will go ahead with a fun lil Sweetpeas Picks installment because I enjoy writing them! Sooo, hope you all had a nice weekend. 

Our weather was super hot and Covid Numbers are high so we are staying at home in the AC as much as possible. How about you?

1. I shared my first ever art supply video this weekend and it was insanely fun to create! Also, its doing better than most nail art videos so I mean, this MAY be a sign?! I don't know! Did you watch it? What did you think? Also I wrote a blog post, so if you want to catch up, THIS is the video, and THIS is the blog post! 

2. Todays Post Photo was a lil illustration I shared on Instagram over the weekend as a reminder to make sure you are registered to vote and to use your voice in all of the upcoming Elections! If you would also like to share it on Social Media go grab the link on Instagram HERE, and there are other color options! If you hit the lil paper airplane under the post on IG you can share it to stories! :)

3. I think I am liking The Aces new CD

4. Also I like the new Keith Urban song, Superman. It sounds like it could be on the Defying Gravity album!

5. I read the quote, "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today", and wow! Yes!

6. I recently found Marble & Pine on Instagram, and talk about Flower inspiration! I am obsessed with THIS! The little pineapple is the cutest!

7. The Jeni's Ice Cream State Fair Collection has he cutest names! 

8. This makes me want to Art Journal so bad!


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