Trying Eternal Cosmetics Nail Polish

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Eternal Cosmetics Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there and welcome back! I feel like lately I've not been blogging a ton, yet also feel like I have been doing a ton as I am working on some exciting future content I will be sharing with y'all soon! :) Anywhoo, today I am sharing a new find I am really excited about! :)

So a lil bit ago I discovered Eternal Cosmetics on Instagram and was loving their branding. Their IG was lovely and inspiring with all of the color scheming and I don't know, it was just nice! Skip ahead a bit, and I've gotten a chance to try out their polishes, which is super exciting as they are also affordable and daily accessible. :) SOOOO today is all about them here. Also I have a Youtube swatch and review video up, as well as a nail art video utilizing some of them. 

Eternal Cosmetics Nail Polish Pistachio - 25 Sweetpeas

First up is a shade called Pistachio. Its a nice dusty minty shade! Covered really well in 2 coats!

Eternal Cosmetics Nail Polish Flamingo - 25 Sweetpeas

Then we have Flamingo which is a really nice orange! Covered nicely too, only 2 quick coats!

Eternal Cosmetics Nail Polish Romance - 25 Sweetpeas

Here is Romance, which is probably my favorite as its such a nice coral color! 2 easy coat, and ahhh, I just love this color!

Eternal Cosmetics Nail Polish Sky Blue - 25 Sweetpeas

Next is Sky Blue which I actually would describe as a dusty blue. Its another nice polish, this one is a bit more jelly like so it almost needs about 3 coats. However its still an easy 2 coats!

Eternal Cosmetics Nail Polish Unique - 25 Sweetpeas

Lastly swatch wise we have Unique which is the perfect name as this is a rather unique shade. Its a bit pink but a bit purple yet not what I consider to be magenta. Its neat, and unique and I like it!
Eternal Cosmetics Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas

Ok, how about some nail art! I used Flamingo and Romance for this nail art look that was pretty easy! I made a whole video on it thats live on Youtube too if you are interested! :) 

Eternal Cosmetics Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas

Eternal Cosmetics Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas

Overall I am really impressed with this brand and these polishes! They are really good I love the color palette release method, Check out their site, and they are also very affordable! $11-$13 for 4-5 polishes! I mean that really good! You can usually get this set on Amazon, but its currently sold out! That being said it is available on their site, and its the same price + free shipping and you can get a discount if you sign up for an email!

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