25 Sweetpeas Cookbook Gift Guide | Christmas 2020

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25 Sweetpeas Cookbook Gift Guide |  Christmas 2020

Hello and welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! I am super excited about todays blog post because I have collaborated with a very special person, my Mom! I was talking ideas with her about gift guides and how this Holiday season is going to be a bit different people, and somehow we started talking about how this year more people than ever are cooking at home, so we were thinking that cookbooks would be a great gift idea for just about anyone! My Mom loves cookbooks, and I love being a cookbook critic and trying recipes too! Ha, so we've always used a lot of cookbooks and food blogs, but this year I do think I've used them more than ever! So we've put together a list off cookbooks we like that are tried and true, and or ones we like their blog and may have tried a few recipes but have yet to get the books! So I'll break this up into two lists, Tried and True & Wishlist! There will be way more featured than you see in the above photo because well we love a good cookbook! If you have any that YOU love and I've not shared, please let us know! Like I said, we love cookbooks!

Psst, I also want to let you know there is a mix of cookbooks here! Ones will good classics, ones with more interesting flavors, ones for Vegans, Desserts, baked goods, healthy things and even ones for Instant Pots! I wasn't kidding when I said we liked cookbooks!

Tried & True

1. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook  By - Tieghan Gerard

2. Half Baked Harvest Super Simple By Tieghan Gerard

3. The Pretty Dish By Jessica Merchant

4. Love & Lemons Everyday By Jeanine Donofrio

5. The Love and Lemons Cookbook by Jeanine Donofrio

6. Delish Eat Like Everyday is the Weekend By Joanna Saltz

7. Delish Insane Sweets By Joanna Saltz

8. Once Upon A Chef By Jennifer Segal 

9. Whats Gabby Cooking : Everyday California Food By Gabby Dalkin

10.  Whiskey in a Teacup By Reese Witherspoon

11. Paula Deen Cuts the Fat By Paula Deen

12. The Pioneer Woman Cooks : The New Frontier By Ree Drummond

13. The Cookie Collection by Brian Hart Hoffman

14. Bake From Scratch Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker By Brian Hart Hoffman

15. Bake From Scratch Vol. 2 By Brian Hart Hoffman

16. Bake From Scratch Vol. 3 By Brian Hart Hoffman

17. Bake From Scratch Vol. 4 By Brian Hart Hoffman

18. The Step-By-Step Instant Pot Cookbook By Jeffery Eisner

19. Love Real Food By Kathryen Taylor

20. So Much To Celebrate By Katie Jacobs

Quick Note : Number 13-17 are compilation books from the Bake Magazines! Which we have all of the issues of and LOVE! At the moment we don't have the books, but we do have the magazines so right now they would be dupes for us! :) SUCH good recipes, and magazines if you ever see one in stores!


1. Delish Amazing Recipes for Picky Eaters By Delish 

2. Whats Gabby Cooking : Eat What You Want By Gabby Dalkin

3. Grandbaby Cakes By Jocelyn Delk Adams

4. Add A Pinch by Robyn Stone

5. Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook By Maria Lichty

6. Modern Baking By Donna Hay

7. Christmas Feasts & Treats By Donna Hay

8. Creative Cookie Decorating By Emily Hutchinson

9. 100 Cookies : The Baking Book For Every Kitchen By Sarah Keiffer

10.  The Vanilla Bean Baking Book by Sarah Keiffer

11. Instant Family Meals By Sarah Copeland

12. Everyday is Saturday By Sarah Copeland

13. Milk Street Cookish By Christopher Kimball

14. Milk Street Fast & Slow By Christopher Kimball

15. The Milk Street Cookbook By Christopher Kimball

16. Cook, Eat, Repeat By Nigella Lawson

17. Skinny Taste One and Done By Gina Homolka

18 . Rustic Joyful Food : Meant To Share By Danielle Kartes

Ok guys, I think thats it! I mean in reality we could talk a lot longer about cookbooks, and make all of the lists but there is surely something that will spark some inspiration! If you have any faves not mentioned Please do share below! Also, let me know what ones you plan on picking up! At the time of making this, most of these were available, but if you can't find them on Amazon as I linked try Target next! They often have the books, and sometimes they will have a Buy 2 get one or a Circle Discount! Then if that still doesn't work, check out Barnes & Noble. Also if you don't want to mess with Shipping see if you can do pickup! They usually have better online prices anyway, but that works for pickup too! :) Ok I think that covers all of my cookbook shopping tips! Ha!


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