25 Sweetpeas Shop Small Guide | 2020

 25 Sweetpeas Shop Small Guide | 2020

Hello and welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! This year I wanted to do something a little different and share a blog post about Small Businesses! Just highlight some fun ones to support this Holiday season!
25 Sweetpeas Declaration & Co
Declaration and Co

One of my favorite local Small Business, and now they also sell online to everyone! Always LOVE to see what they are up to!
25 Sweetpeas Hello June Prints

Hello June Prints

Such a talented artists! She has some really cute Christmas things at the moment, and her art is always super cute! Her shop has a lot of cute Christmas things, and cards and prints for other seasons! I love her illustrated maps!

25 Sweetpeas Deco Miami

Deco Miami

Such fun polishes that also give you something cute to have out, plus their products + packaging is adorable. Also psst, they have some fun sets and cuticle oils too!

25 Sweetpeas M Lovewell

M Lovewell


I love that this store carries so much, from stationary too books, and its just a stationary lovers dream!

25 Sweetpeas Cami Monet

Cami Monet


An artist that have a lil bit of everything, from decorations you table to masterpieces for your wall!

25 Sweetpeas Tusk and Twine

Tusk & Twine


Talk about a fun gift! Art that one can then do over their holiday break, and then have as lasting decor!
25 Sweetpeas Archer & Olive

Archer & Olive


If you are looking for a good notebook that allows you to use any medium you want, Archer & Olive is for you! Plus they have some amazing looking new pens that I have yet to try!

25 Sweetpeas Stella Chroma

Stella Chroma

Ya'll know I love Stella Chroma, from amazing Polishes, to all of your nail care needs! She also added some great set options this year!


  1. I am really glad to know all these products! Thanks for the recommendation. Great ideas for Christmas gifts

  2. How great to learn about these hidden treasures. I love stationary so that's a shop I need to explore.

  3. I love when nail shops create gift sets! They are the perfect sets for the new nail polish lover looking to expand their collection or for myself! LOL

  4. Ooh I'm all into pens right now so this is exciting! I blame TikTok.

  5. I stuck with small businesses as much as possible this year. It’s a little more expensive, but small businesses are the ones who give back to their communities.


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