Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 73

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Finally time to write a Sweetpeas Picks blog post! Its been a bit, but you've still had ways to stay up to date via the new series, A Week In the Life, that I started at the start of the year so lets chat about random things!

1. I just discovered the A Sassy Spoon Blog and I am OBSESSED! I love Cuban food, and if I do cook its usually either Cuban or Mexican so, I am SO excited to try out some of her recipes!

2. So I know not everyone thinks this style of shoe is cute, but I love them. They are comfy (once broken in) and I have a black pair I wear when I am just quickly going outside, say like for watering plants, checking the mail etc. Then I have a white pair for the beach so when I walk back to the car I'm not flipping sand up, and since they are white they won't get HOT in the same, and I recently added the new light pink ones! Ah, I love them, they are more corally than pink and just SO me! Can't wait to wear them and have a tan! Ha! It will be a bit, its been so grey and cold and icky!

3. I made this dessert this week, and its SO good! I already love guava so anything with guava is like an automatic yes for me, but wow, this was so good, and I was just sure I was going to mess it up, but I didn't WOO! I even had to half if since we didn't have enough guava. Its very much a dense cake like desert, but can also be eaten like a bar cookie!

4. I also made this Iced Guava Passion Fruit drink this week and its so good and refreshing! Basically tastes like a sunset somehow! I loved it. Also got to try Passion Fruit juice because of it, and apparently I like it. Oh and I LOVE guava juice, it literally just tastes like drinkable guava. Ha! I know it sounds weird, but like lemons don't necessarily taste 10% like lemonade so that's where I am going with that! :) 

5. The New Bad Suns Album is really good, I would highly suggest giving it a listen. I think I will have it on Repeat with The Band Camino!

6. So this is more of something my lil sister has been loving, but I am LOVING watching her play with it! I didn't know dog brain games were a thing, but I am loving this one

7. I got a Casetify case for Christmas and I LOVE it! It feels comparable to my previous Symmetry Otter Box case, but cuter because it has beachy art on it!

8. If you are ever in North East Florida and want to find some delicious Cuban food you should check out 1928 Cuban Bistro! SO good. One of their new locations is what's pictured above! :)

Well I think that shall be it for today, I am hoping my iPad is all charged up and ready to go. I just finished a new piece earlier today, and I really love it so now I want to work on the next one! Ha!


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