How To Support Small Businesses | During the Holiday Season

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All Content Published on belongs to 25 Sweetpeas, and shall only be published on

How to Support Small Businesses

During the Holiday Season

The most obvious way to support a small business this holiday season is to shop from them directly, be it via their online shop, or at a local Holiday market.

 That being said there are lots of other ways to support them, in fact there are even non monetary ways to support them, so here are some ideas!

🌟 Interact with their posts on Social Media. Comment, Save and SHARE! I know it sounds cliche, but it can make all of the difference for a small business. In the day an age of organic social media being dead. These things, such as comments, and shares on a social media post lets the "algorithm" know that people like this said post/story, and that can help it actually be pushed out into peoples feeds who already follow, as well as get new eyeballs on the post! 

🌟I mentioned SHARE above but lets elaborate on that! Sharing something YOU love to your stories allows that said business gain so many more eyeballs! Think of it like if you were out with a friend; You were telling them about this cool small business you shopped from and then they decided to check out your recommendation. If you share to your stories and show some love to your favorite small biz you didn't just recommend to one friend, you just shared it with ALL of your friends! 

🌟 Word of Mouth, kinda covered above but word of mouth is great! If you are gathering with Friends and Family this holiday season, encourage them to shop small, send them some of your faves!

🌟🌟Shop Small and Local - Ok this is my favorite lil tip for supporting small! Did you know most small businesses you see online also sell in stores? Yep, you read that right! A lot of small business wholesale to other small businesses. Think about a local boutique, Surf Shop, or Gift Store. Those small businesses buy from other small businesses. So in some cases you can walk into a local small business and shop other small businesses. So you are literally supporting 2 small businesses at once, and supporting local which is so great for your local community. (Psstt - This also can help local businesses learn that you like that said brand and they may start to stock more items later on and then again you are helping that small business you like!)

If you love this idea but don't know if the business you like is sold in any local stores you can do a few things! First head to the small businesses website and look for a tab that says; "Retailers" or "Stockist" and check out their list! I keep a list on going on my website here.

Reach out to said local business and ask do you carry X brand? Or ask the brand you love if they are stocked in your city. 

🌟 If you've previously purchased from your fave small business, leave a review! Reviews are SO important to a small business. It helps them gain trust, and have a reputable appearance online. I'm totally guilty of not leaving reviews when I get emails like "leave a review, or tell us how we did", but now being on the flip side I always try to if I have time. Think about when you are debating on buying something what do you do? Read the reviews right? Yeah me too! So its not crazy to think LOTS of others do too. So the more reviews that are there the more likely they are to make that hesitant sale!

I hope you've found some new ways to support your favorite small businesses, or just feel as if you are already doing your best!

Shopping Small is so much fun, you are getting handmade and hand designed products directly from the source, as well as also helping support their dreams. It often also usually leads to such a fun and unique gift! So its a win win! Also keep in mind when you shop small and local you are also helping your direct community which means a lot. You can shop local by going out to local spots, or even shopping from online businesses that are local. 

🌟Fun Fact🌟

If you shop on Etsy you can see where the shop you are looking at is located! 


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