Hello! Happy Friday eve! That makes Thursday sound so much better right? Just think its almost the weekend! Woohoo! The title of this blog post found like a old story of some sort! Ha, a love story at that. Hey who knows maybe this is a nail polish love story. Nah, not really although I do love this color!

Today for you all I have a swatch and some art on the beautiful Evangeline by Zoya Nail Polish. 
So this is a new addition to our Zoya collection here at our house! Thanks to the promo last month on Zoyas site we have many new additions! This is one that my mum picked out! So pretty!

It's what I am going to call a beautiful glimmery pink! Perfect for this time of year considering it's Valentines Day season! It's got some pink it it, a bit of red and sparkles so you really can't go wrong in my mind!
When we were going through all of the Zoya polishes when we were trying to decided what to get, we had a very hard time with this color. We looked it up on every site we could think of to find what it really looked like on. Anyway it was very difficult but she went with it any way, and now hopefully this post will help you decide if you want it or not!

So application of this Zoya was great as usual! I did one thickish coat because I was sort of in a hurry. Even though I did do it in hurry it had no bubble issues and it dried perfectly! Added top coat and tada!

And another picture of the swatch! It really is a lovely polish! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a pinkish red glimmery color! Between my mum and I we probably have 200+ polishes? Not sure, haven't counted in a long time. But this for sure isn't like anything either of us have! I haven't actually ever had any other polish with this type of finish/intensity other than ones from Zoya! So any other cool unique thing I like about Zoya.

Now with these types of polishes I have a hard time coming up with art to top it, because the color is just so unique and pretty. With that being said, I don't typically just wear polish with out art so I had to come up with something. After a lot of thought of "What shall I add?" I knew lace had to be involved so I went with what ever came to mind. Now here is what I came up with!

Some Valentines inspired lace, sparkles, and a heart! Not my favorite art but after the struggle of "What to put on this lovely color" this isn't so bad.

The white lace and the outline of the heart are just done with acrylic paint. The silver sparkle nail is a SpaRitual polish called Charleston. I really love this sparkle! It's perfect for the "I need a accent nail to balance everything out!"  moment. :) I don't know if it is a color you can still get, I found it at TJ Maxx on sale a few months ago. It has for sure turned into a favorite glitter. It comes off so easy! Which that is a great thing for a glitter polish. I hate it when I grab a glitter to use and then put it back when I realize "Oh this one is so hard to get off". So this is perfect!

Now some more pics!!

Well that's all for this post! More On the way, remember I love hearing what you all have to say! Also if there is a certain something you want me to blog about let me know! So do any of you ever have issues topping polishes like this with art? If so what do you all do? I never really know, so I typically stick to crèmes even though I LOVE polishes like these!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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