Winter Trees as seen in Nail It!

Hello! Happy weekend! Today I am going to share a tutorial I made for some older nails that are actually in the current Nail It! Magazine.

First off I will start off with the tutorial and then a story, and some nail pics! 

Above is the tutorial for the nails that actually appeared in the last Nail It! Magazine


Red polish (I used Sooki by Zoya)
White Acrylic Paint
Thin paint brush
Small dotter (optional)

Directions from Left to Right

1) Paint Red Nail Polish Base for this is used Sooki by Zoya

2) Paint on some curves on your finger nail tips as pictured with your white acrylic paint, kind of hard to explain!

3) Fill those in, now you have some Snow Slopes.

4) Paint a straight line on you slope.

5) Add branches to those lines to make your winter pine trees.

6) Add some little stars in the background. Or you can just use a little dotter and add some dots! I have done it both ways so which ever works for you!

7) Now too with your favorite top coat, clean up, and you are done!

So hope you all liked this! Remember any time you have a question, I am here to help y'all! Also if you recreate these nails/use this tutorial use the #sweetpeainspired on Instagram and tag me @25_sweetpea so I can see!!:)

So these nails came about in 2013! I did them for Black Friday to match our Starbucks Cups! I was so happy with them and when I posted them on IG, they were my most liked nails to that day and I was so proud of them! So here is a quick photo of them.

I know, crazy length and all, but they were what I was sooo proud of then! Little did I know what would come of them.

Then this past November I recreated them. I thought it would be cool to see improvement. Honestly though I liked the first time the best, but here is what I did in 2014.

I had a really bad time with it all drying on the most recent version. Some days depending on the weather I have found paint dries differently, and I think that was one of the main issues.

So after all of these nails doing pretty well  on Instagram I was super shocked to get a new Nail It! magazine in the mail and see THESE nails in it! My nails!! It truly amazes me still!!

What an honor to be in my favorite magazine!

This magazine will forever be remembered!! Over all it was a really a good issue, lots of great info to top it all off. Its the one that is out right now too!

So that's enough story for this post I think! Have some new nails coming up very soon for you all. Just a matter or editing and writing.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea 


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