Galaxy in a Bottle

Hello y'all! Hope your week is going great, and if not hey it's almost Wednesday so that helps right? ;) Well today for y'all I have pictures to share of a swatch of what I am calling a galaxy in a bottle! Well it's actually called Imogen but really look at this!! Its amazing!

This is two coats of Imogen by Zoya Nail Polish! Ha, I think all I have blogged about is Zoya. I promise I do use other brands! Just on a Zoya kick, and well I may favor them a bit! ;) Now back to the polish. As I said this is Imogen by Zoya! It is a Pixie Dust, and it's a fairly new polish. I have never EVER loved a black polish this much!


It's just stunning! Really pictures don't do it justice at all but I am going to try and post a video on Instagram for y'all to see. This polish really just fascinates me! Love looking at it in the sun! Ahh, it's a beauty!!

Wish my picture had turned out better but this glitter is just too good for cameras apparently! I have had this on since Sunday and I can say I am still chip free and for a glitter I think that is pretty good! Here is another picture that well isn't the best but you get to see the holo flecks in a different way.

I really like how in this pic you can see the different colors the glitters pick up in the bottle. Oh and you can see the size variation of all of the glitter. Always fun! Now here is one last photo!

I don't know why but I just like this last photo a lot. Seriously ever time you turn your hand you see more glitter! Now this may sound a bit on the strange side but this polish looks so cool in fridge lighting! I'm not kidding either! I was getting ice out of our fridge and my nails looked so good in that lighting that turns on when you get ice out! Haha, I know that sounds really weird, but try it! You will be fascinated!

So what do you all think of Imogen? Do you like it? I know some people don't like textured polishes, I was one of those people at first! Then I found one that was super pretty, bought it and just wore it with a top coat and it was all good! Plus if I said no to all textured polishes well I would be missing out on some lovelies! I think Imogen will make for a great accent nails, or just for that time when you need something quick! So over all I am super happy that I got this in Zoyas great deal last month! Can't wait to hear what y'all think of Imogen! Oh and did any of you take advantage of Zoyas 3 for $15 last month? I am soo happy with what I got!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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