Dixie's First Birthday!!

Hello!!! So yesterday's nails were specially done in honor of Dixie's , our puppy, first Birthday!! Dixie turned 1 yesterday so of course I had to do nails!:)


They were something I just put together real quick last night! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know Miss Dixie, maybe even remember her when she was really little!! If not, then I will share a photo of her later in the post!

These nails were hard to come up with actually, I thought about doing cheetah print because Dixie LOVES cheetah print! She always gravitates towards the cheetah blanket or her pink blankie! It's soo cute. :) Then I thought about green since that is what her leash and her collar are and I stuck with that! 

On the accent nail I tried to do pink paw prints and dog bones! I also tried some little flowers like she has on her collar but they didn't work to well. 


The base color is Grass Is Lime Greener by China Glaze, and the rest is acrylic paint!

Now here is a cute little photo of Dixie, it's a few months old but I love this picture so much! If you want to see more pictures of her find me on Instagram. :)

Isn't she adorable! I mean I know I am biased but really who could not love this face!! Dixie is so special to us! So glad we have her!!

Well hope you all enjoyed these nails inspired my my little Sisters birthday! Not your typical blog post but what can I say, I love this girl. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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