Dupes of Not?

Hello, today for you all I have a fun comparison post! Going to try and do some polish comparisons every now and then of polishes I wish I had seen compared!

So today I am comparing two of my favorite polishes, At Vase Value (AVV) and Hight of My Summer (HOMS). Both of which are China Glaze polishes. So I remember the year Highlight of My Summer came out I saw photos of it on Instagram and I fell in love! Couldn't find it in stores anywhere so I ordered it online. Then last year in the China Glaze spring line I fell in love with At Vase Value! I was hesitant to get it though because I was afraid it was too much like Highlight of My Summer. So at that time I wished someone had compared them but I couldn't find any so now I am going to do it since I have them both.

Now in my China Glaze box of polish to just grab one of these is difficult because  in the bottle they are so close. So here is a photo of them compared on my nails. All of them have 2 coats as well.

In the photo I think you can for sure tell they are very close in color, both the same consistency and color family. But Highlight of My Summer for sure has more of a green hint and At Vase Value has more blue. With that being said I would for sure say they are not dupes. They are close but they differentiate enough to the point that you need both.

Personally these are two of my favorite China Glazes! They are a bit watery and challenging to work with but in the end it works out and they self level pretty well.


 These colors make for great toe polish in the summer against a tan, or helps you get the illusion that you have a tan! Haha!! Also they make great polishes for Spring, which is getting close!!!

Well hope you all enjoyed this post! Really would like to hear y'all's feedback on this type of post. Do you want to see more similar to this? Have any colors you want to see compared? 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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