Fashion, and Red White & Blue!

Hello! So glad it's the weekend, how about you?

Today for you all I have a really fun mani in my opinion! A swatch and a fashion inspired design.

First off I would love to share with you something I recently learned in the past few months. Charlotte Russe nail polish is made by Color Club! Exciting right? I was not aware of this till right before Christmas and then for Christmas I got one and I LOVE it!! Here it is!

Sadly this polish is nameless :( but look at this blue?! It's so bright, pure and shiny I love it! Also this is one coat!!! Amazing right? The formula is a bit thick but really after you use it once you get the hang of it real quickly and it's pretty easy to work with. The brush is nice too, I wouldn't really say it is any different but for some reason I feel like it covers more in one swoop verses some other brands I use frequently. 

Overall I love this polish!! I used this in a mani I did in late December and when I took it off I had no staining! Which always makes you happy when you are trying a new polish! I am currently still wearing this color but I am excepting an easy removal.

Here is one last swatch picture, and with the bottle. It's a really good sized bottle! 

So once again I was inspired by a dress AnnaBeth (AB) wore in a recent episode of Hart Of Dixie! She has a great stylist, and again she was wearing a cute dress by Antropologie! Here is a little peek of the dress and my nails!

The dress is a but more turquoise but on TV it looked like this bold bright cobalt blue so that is what I went with!!

Now a close up of the nails! :)


Very abstract which makes them very fun to do! I really like these for some reason. I ask my self why since there isn't much to them but I do! Haha!! Also these would be great Fourth of July nails! Is it too soon to be thinking that many holidays ahead!? Oh well, ya know we got to come up with ideas sooner or later, that sometimes is the hardest part of new nails! Ok not sometimes pretty much all the times. Like when you know you need to do a certain theme and then all the sudden you have writers block but in this case NAIL ARTIST block! Ahhh, so scary!! Hahaha!

So what do you think of this look? I think it's a great design to start with if you are wanting something quick or is you are new to Nail Art!

Well I hope you all have enjoyed this photo filled post!! I know I enjoyed doing these nails, and wearing this design! It's so fun and bright too. So what do you all think about it? Also I am thinking about an Instagram Live Chat again this weekend! I am thinking tonight! So if you want to join in watch for updates on Instagram and Twitter! Links are in the side bar or you can just look me up, I am @25_sweetpea on both Instagram and Twitter!  Hope to see some of you there!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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