NAFW2015 Day One


Super excited to be participating in NAFW2015! So Nailicious is where it has all started and I'm so happy they started it! A fashion week for Nail Art that's pretty amazing!!

So day ones theme was favorite designer. I love looking at fashion magazines and going shopping, but this was a bit tricky to pick! I think mainly due to the fact I'm not majorly into "names" if you get what I mean. I am more of the person of liking certain styles, and certain vibes of certain stores. That being said, when on Pinterest I love to look up Lilly Pulitzer! Such fun colors and designs on her clothing! So I selected this design of hers to turn in to nail art!


So fun and girly! I love girly things, hahaha!!!


Now here are my nails! For these I used China Glaze At Vase Value and Zoya Gilda. Both are beautiful colors!

All of the art was done with acrylic paint and Sinful Colors Cotton Candy for the base of the flowers.

I love florals so I took many pictures! :)

Overall I am happy with the outcome of these nails! They came out like I had hoped and they look like the inspiration, in my opinion. 

So what do you all think? Day one is now complete! So excited to do more for #NAFW2015! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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