NAFW 2015 Day Five

Hello! Yippeee it's the weekend, and now for some Spring Break! :) Today in this wonderful NAFW I have for you nails that are inspired by the theme of "Favorite Fashion blogger/Icon" pretty much any star that you like their style could be used for this theme!

For these I chose Meghan Trainor ! She is soo talented, writes amazing songs, and she is beautiful! If you aren't familiar with her then well you should be! ;) Her music is WONDERFUL!! The whole Title CD is perfection! I love how all of her songs tell a story, and not depressing ones! :)

Now here are today's nails, that well I am really liking!!! 


I personally feel like these are THE best dots I have ever done! Over all I just love them! The floral, as you know, is one of my faves! Now I will show to Meghan wearing the outfit that inspired these!


Her outfit is so cute! The pink I used is China Glaze Petal to the Metal. The black is, Zoya Willa. The white is Sinful Colors Snow Me White. The details were done with acrylic paint though, I find that for detailing acrylic paint is just easier to work with and I'm not wasting polish by putting it in a blob on paper. ;)

I really like these, and I think I like them better than yesterday's! Ha, and those I loved!!

Also I think you all can usually tell how much I like a mani by the amount of pictures I include in a post huh? Funny how that happens.

This is the last photo, I promise! :) Ha, sorry about that over load! So what do you all think of these Meghan Trainor inspired nails? I love her so much, her songs are just great, as is she! Any of you like her too? If so what if your favorite song? I know it is so hard to pick, there are so many great ones!

Well hope you all enjoyed this post, and I am still so glad I am still on track for this challenge! A first for me for sure, and I'm so proud of my self! These are probably going to be the hardest ones to take off! But on to the next theme! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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