Venique Swatches Part One

Hello, hope you have all had a lovely weekend! Very happy to start a 2-3 post series to start off this week. :) So I was recently sent some Venique polish for something you will all get to see Tuesday ;) and in the mean time I have some swatches to share with you all! I have decided to split my swatches up into 2-3 post so I don't overload y'all in one! Plus I love pictures, as do I think anyone reading a nail blog does so why not have as many as possible! :) I feel like when it comes to deciding to get a polish the more photos to see the better off you are.

Now let's get started.

This first polish I have to share is called Emerald Sea. It's a beautiful polish, and I really like the name for it, it does remind me of ocean water that you see in magazines! :) Not necessarily real water but... :) So in order to get this full coverage I did 3 thin coats. It's a little bit of a watery translucent polish so that's why it takes a few coats. I did thin coats but I bet if you did 2 thicker ones you would get this coverage as well. Now here a few more photos!


Over all I really likes this polish! It was easy to apply,a beautiful color, and lovely in the light! So many little sparkles.
Now on to another beauty!

Next for you I have a lovely glitter polish to share with to all called Shop Till You Drop. Love the name and it's so pretty! For this swatch I did use OPI Mermaid Tears as a base for the glitter since the polish is clear based. This polish can be a glitter topper and or full out like I did above. It's very beautiful, and it's a great match to Emerald Sea. In order for the coverage I have in these photos I did 2 coats. I did notice it was a bit gummy when applying but really not that hard to work with once you use get the hang of it. Now for some more photos!

As you can see, it's really pretty! I did make a video of this polish in action, so that will be up on Instagram in the next couple of days. I will for sure be using this as an accent nail, it's stunning and is perfect for all the mint colors I have been gravitating towards! :)

Both of these polishes are beautiful! I will for sure be using them in some art, I already have ideas. Also I am considering possibly comparing these to a couple of other polishes I have because I do feel I  have a few similar ones but I am not for sure. Will have to dig around and see. 

For this being my first time Venique I am really happy with it! I would for sure try more polishes. Tomorrow I will be sharing 2 more new swatches of Venique. I will have to say I do think you guys will like the polishes tomorrow! They are just as beautiful. :)

Now I want to hear what do you all think? Have you all ever used these colors/brand before? It was a first for me but I am really pleased!

Stay Tuned For More Tomorrow!

~25 Sweetpea


  1. You are going to love Venique's line of polishes! They are one of my favorites! I especially love the colors you have...I have them all too (and then some).

    1. So far I have really liked them! One in particular that will be up shortly! :)


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