Takko Lacquer Swatches & Review 6

Press Sample

Hello! Hope y'all are having a wonderful Saturday, here it was supposed to rain but instead we have sunshine. Yipppeee!! Well today I have yet another swatch from Takko Lacquer. Sadly there are only a few left to share!

Takko Lacquer is a artisan polish made with Earth friendly minerals. Each bottle is hand mixed/poured and made in small batches. The polish is 5 Free and 100% cruelty free! Oh and it is "Born in the USA" ,as the bottle says, and to be more specific right here in Florida!

Today's polish is Babycakes.

Babycakes - a corally pink with golden shimmer and a hint of holo.

First off this color is lovely! I love the corally pink and so to have one that is a holo and only takes 2 coats, well that's just spectacular! This polish went on wonderfully, and had a very nice easy to work with formula.

Well I have footage of this polish, but what I use to put together the videos isn't working so well. So not sure if one will be up. That being said I will try so make sure and check later!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! I know I really enjoyed this polish! It's gorgeous! So what do you all think?

Be sure to check out Takko Lacquer on their website here and keep up to date on all of their polish releases and beautiful photos here...

Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpea


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