Takko Lacquer Swatches & Review 7

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Hello! Today I bring you the last swatch of this Takko Lacquer series. So bittersweet! I loved working with this polish so much, all the colors are just so fabulous!

Takko Lacquer is a artisan polish made with Earth friendly minerals. Each bottle is hand mixed/poured and made in small batches. The polish is 5 Free and 100% cruelty free! Oh and it is "Born in the USA" ,as the bottle says, and to be more specific right here in Florida!

Today for y'all I have a swatch of Curiouser & Curiouser. 

Curiouser & Curiouser - mint with an iridescent shimmer.

This color is beautiful! I always have a weak spot for colors like these so you would think I have one similar but honestly this is nothing like any polish in my collection! It's so pretty too! To achieve the full potential look of this polish I used 2 coats. This polish was a bit thicker than the others but still easy to work with. I love the shimmer in it too! It doesn't really appear in any photos but head on it had a minty shimmer, but from the side it has a bit of a pink shimmer. I thought that was really neat!

Over all this color is just really great! I am a fan! So with this polish I also did some art! I absolutely love these bottles of Takko Lacquer! They are so cute and girly, with the hint of floral, so as you can guess the art is based off the label! 

The art was all free handed with acrylic paint, and the silver glitter is one coat of SpaRitual Charleston. (My pointer finger looks a bit funny on edge due to the fact it broke! :( It was such a perfect corner too!! ) 

Here hopefully you can see how pretty the label is and where my inspiration came from!

Well I really hope you all enjoyed this swatch series! I will most likely post a little round up post for this as well! I really enjoyed all of these polishes! If you are looking for an indie brand in the USA to order I would highly suggest Takko Lacquer. Sheryl, the creator, is super nice and is so talented, I mean really just look at these polishes they are beautiful!

Be sure to check out Takko Lacquer on their website here and keep up to date on all of their polish releases and beautiful photos here...

Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpea


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