Takko Lacquer Swatches & Review 3

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Hey y'all! Guess what, I'm back with another swatch of a Takko Lacquer!

So real quick here is some info about Takko Lacquer!

Takko Lacquer is a artisan polish made with Earth friendly minerals. Each bottle is hand mixed/poured and made in small batches. The polish is 5 Free and 100% cruelty free! Oh and it is "Born in the USA" ,as the bottle says, and to be more specific right here in Florida!

Now to the swatch! Today's polish is Wooster St.

Wooster St. - a multi chrome mini flakie with holo shimmer that can be worn as a topper or built up.

This is 2 coats on top of Zoya Willa which is a black polish! Ok so this polish is lovely!! I really love it, there is so much to it! It has so many colors in it that you don't even see in the photos. This polish is a clear based flakie topper as mentioned earlier, and it has some hints of holo! :D Now since this is a "topper" I will have to say the ratio of clear base to the flakies is wonderful! With just one coat it covers so much and very evenly. I would say one coat would do great as well! The formula is fantastic and it dried really quickly!

It shifts from green to purple but for the most time it's a green with hints of the rainbow! This is the only photo the purple showed in!

You really can see the green! It's beautiful too! 


Here it's a bit blurry, but to me that helps bring out the glitters in the photo.

So that's Wooster St. ! I really like it and look forward do using it again! I think it will make for a really neat accent nails or glitter gradation! Just so many options, even just layering it over a different base color, could be really cool!

Be sure to check out Takko Lacquer on their website here and keep up to date on all of their polish releases and beautiful photos here...
 Wooster St. is actually up on their site right now too I believe! So if you are interested in it check it out! 

Hope you all enjoyed this swatch! There will be a video up too on Instagram. It's gorgeous in movement, as most glitters are!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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